INSYL books to teach children about money


I have long talked about the importance of teaching children about money and the need for financial literacy and education from a young age.

We want to raise a generation who understand the importance of saving, who understand the implications and difficulties debt brings and who know how to say no to what they cannot afford.

These lessons need to start young.

INSYL is a unique and innovative publishing company that strives to educate children about the importance of finance for the future.

Their stories are suitable for children age 5+ and include Debt Dragons Dilemma and Budgeting Badger, Prudence Penguin and Savings Squirrel




Teaching children about money

I just adore the intent behind the books it so totally fits with my ethos and I am sure it will resonate with you too

Our stories positively inspire your child towards a secure and debt-free future by weaving important financial theories and concepts into the exciting adventures of our colourful characters. By introducing powerful messages through the pleasure of storytelling, the adventures of our heroes provide the strongest possible foundation for your child’s future financial growth and success.

Money can be such a dry and dull subject but by making bright entertaining stories INSYL have found a way to get children interested.

INSYL also have a range of books on positive psychology which look fantastic. These books are addressing focus, motivation, time keeping and fear. What a brilliant idea to help children channel positivity from a young age. We read focussed Falcon and loved this simple but enchanting story about why we should focus and not get distracted. A lesson for me as well as my children!

Unlock your child’s enormous potential to positively influence their life through proactive and positive thinking. Through the magic of storytelling, our books introduce better beliefs and attitudes that strengthen the psychology foundation of your child


Another selection of these fantastic eBooks will be available on artistic consciousness although these are not yet available they will foster a love of and appreciation for thatr arts.

Don’t these books sound interesting and unusual and very useful.

You can find out more about them over at INSYL

who will be launching their crowd finding campaign from November 13th. There are some brilliant benefits for you if you support the project so so check back here on the blog where will be able to tell you much more about it.









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