5 Interesting Ways to Help a Child Learn


Today lets take a look at interesting ways to help a child learn


interesting ways to help a child learn


Interesting ways to help a child learn

I am always looking for interesting ways to help a child learn. Children all have their own unique personalities and some learn quite differently to others. I think it is important to try lots of ways to support a child’s learning and to keep it varied, especially with a reluctant learner.  Variety is the spice of life after all and it does stop it getting boring for everyone involved.

Here are 5 interesting ways to help a child learn that you may not have considered…..


Create a test

Free online tests for children can be a great  learning tool.  Typeform is an online platform to create forms and questionnaires. They have different templates on their site which are free to use. One of their templates is an online test maker, which can be a great tool to help children with school exams. The test maker can be used to devise a multiple choice test, a quiz, or an exam and inspire learning. This is great for teachers but also for parents who want to give their child a little extra support or encouragement at home.


Rope in a new teacher

Why not give yourself a break and rope in anew teacher. Having an older relative explain history to your child, or a cordon bleu uncle show them how to cook, changes the dynamics completely. The authenticity of a teacher and their personal knowledge of a subject goes a long way towards a child being eager to learn. They will teach in an entirely different way to you and possibly have wonderful anecdotes of their personal experience to share in the process.


Package it up as fun

My son taught my daughter to tell the time by making a clock from 12 chocolate cupcakes and 2 breadsticks. This really made her giggle .He used silly voices too and made the whole process so much fun. She learned in no time.


Teach them outside

Why not try teaching them outside, or perhaps when you are lying on the floor or in a den or maybe whilst you are sitting in a cafe with a hot chocolate! Change of venue can bring about a change of heart and attitude toward learning – it doesn’t always have to be at the kitchen table or a desk.


Bring their learning to life

If you are trying to teach your child to count why not go and count buses. If they are learning to read perhaps you could visit a library. If they are learning about the night sky maybe you could consider a campout.

When you bring what a child is learning to life it begins to make sense, it is real and it becomes vibrant and it is exciting. It captures their interest and that is the key to learning.


Thinking outside the box and trying new things in relation to learning is really important, especially for reluctant learners. Just find the right key to unlock their engagement and they will take great strides.

Sometimes you just need to try a new key.



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  1. December 26, 2017 / 6:28 am

    Amazing post, indeed! Thank you for sharing these tips. Just what I needed. Cheers!

  2. January 9, 2018 / 5:25 pm

    Making learning fun is key to success. I love your ideas, especially the cupcake clock and breadstick one devised by your son!!!

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