Simple Christmas Baubles DIY



I am so excited to show you our Christmas Baubles DIY.

I am all for simple when it comes to crafts.


Christmas Baubles DIY


Christmas baubles DIY

There is nothing quite like Christmas crafting is there and I do love settling down with some lovely Christmas music on to a little crafting session with my kids. This year we decided to make some simple Christmas Baubles.

We nipped to the craft store and stocked up on bells and cinnamon and few bits and bobs including dried orange slices.

We also purchased some clear baubles (£5.99 for 10) which are just perfect for filling with all sorts of Christmassy things. We tried filling them with smarties one year though and they held way too many. They were really heavy – and I kept breaking into them and snaffling the smarties…oops!  No more food in our baubles!


We simply let our imaginations run free, wrapping bits of branches round bells, stuffing orange slices in baubles, bundling cinnamon. I think we did a pretty good job!

We most definitely had a lot of fo fun and that what preparing for Christmas should all be about shouldn’t it? It doesn’t have to be stressful, tricky, expensive or complicated, – all aspects of Christmas should be about simply being together and having a wonderful time.



Christmas Baubles DIY


Hope you are taking it easy in the run-up to the festive season and taking some time for some Christmas DIY!



Did you enjoy our Christmas baubles DIY?


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