Teach your child to tell the time with these perfect toys

Tell the Time by Orchard Toys is  a learn the time lotto game for 5-9 year olds. It involves 2-4 players and is vividly coloured and engaging.  You have 4 time boards and 24 picture cards. The cards are placed face down on the table and you have to pick them up and match them to your card. Each card gives the time in both a clock face and digitally and has a picture of a corresponding activity.

My son is 7 and we have been working on telling the time for a while. Tell the time  (£7.25) has really helped. We have had lots of practice whilst having lots of fun and that is always the best way to learn something isn’t it?

Toys from Orchard Toys are always really well made, bright and fun for the family to play. The boxes are sturdy and they always last the distance. We are delighted with this game. Now he has mastered telling the time he  will tell it me both analogue and digital times whilst playing this game and that’s just great for his development.

tell the time

Orchard Toys also sent us a Penguin clock face  (£4.25) to pratice telling the time with. This sticks with a magnet to the fridage and you can adjust the time to however you want it. I love that it has lots of ‘clues’  like quarter to and half past witten on. It is a really big help to learners and my son has experiemnted with this a lot.

tell time penguin


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