Change the Story: Children NEED to be Able to Read

Reading is a HUGE deal in my home.

My kids read so much I have to tell them to put their books down so we get to school on time.

My daughter age 6 once told me that her idea of a perfect day would be to read stories and have them read to her ALL day. She is reading the Enid Blyton Mystery books  right now.  My son  has a huge library of books (often from car boot sales and charity shops) and visit the library frequently. He loves to learn form books and to get immersed totally in new world. He has just read and loved The Hobbit.

My husband or I have read to my children every day throughout their childhood.

change the story, save the children

When I was a little girl I spent a lot of time at my Granny’s house because she was very ill and my mum was her carer. Whilst there I would amuse myself reading  I read Agatha Christies, Sherlock Holmes and Jean Plaidy book s long before I probably should have done!  AS a family we believe Enid Blytons Enchanted Wood books are the best children’s books by far.

Reading so well and widely enabled me to pass exams that helped me have many career choices, my children will do well academically I am sure. Being able to read gives them a great start.

This week is Children’s Book Week, Save the Children is launching a new campaign to change the story for the UK’s poorest children. A new report produced by the charity highlights how the life chances of poor children in the UK are being determined by the time they are seven and shows how falling behind at school at such a young age can negatively impact future life chances.

Save the Children never just report negative stuff though they are all about action and  by joining forces with the Beanstalk charity they plan to make a difference.:

Let’s look at the facts

       Last year, 1 in 4 poor children left primary school without basic skills in reading and writing.

       The years between 4 and 7 are a crucial opportunity for children who started behind to catch up. Reading is one of the keys to unlocking a child’s potential.

       If they don’t get the help they need before they leave primary school, another generation of children will face lifelong penalties for being born poor. No child should be left behind.

So what can be done?

Well Save the Children aims to recruit 20,000 ‘change makers’ over the next 4 years who will help reach children right at the start of their educational journey, giving them a better chance of maximising  their potential.

Could you be a change maker? A changemaker is basically a fundraiser, volunteer or campaigner to give these children a better start.

To read more about the campaign and to sign up simply go to  

Change the Story

If you are on twitter Join @savechildrenuk and help to change the story for the UK’s poorest children. #EducationMatters



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  4. Chris at Thinly Spread
    October 9, 2013 / 10:55 am

    What a lovely post Becky, you always hit the nail right on the head! Thanks so much for posting on this hugely important issue xxx

  5. October 9, 2013 / 8:53 pm

    love this, as a child who never read any books and fairly messed up the first portion of her working life, I agree. Reading makes such a difference.

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