Spider Sandwiches

Spider sandwiches is a great book for little kids who love all things icky! It’s all about a smiley green monster called max who likes to eat ‘yucky, mucky’ food. It has lovely gruesome rhymes throughout and is a gorgeously easy read.

Max is pictured , cooking, picnicking and shopping for all sorts of funny and horrid looking concoctions and kids hearing this storry will say uuuuurgh! ever such a lot, delighting in the horrible (but also rather sweet) pictures.

spider sandwiches

Eventually though even Max (who adores spider sandwiches) has to turn down one particularly YUCKY dish. can you guess what it is? I won’t spoil it!
This is a fab , funny book from the author of Aliens love underpants and one they ‘ll love to hear again and again, it is wonderful to read aloud and children’s reaction to it are wonderful!

Follow on activities could be for them to draw their most icky dish!

Written by Claire Feedmean and illustrated by Sue Hendra and published by Bloomsbury. Released October 24th but you are able to preorder Spider Sandwiches now.

The perfect gift for Halloween! Such a nice idea to give a book on occasion and how unexpected to get one for halloween


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  1. Claire Toplis
    October 9, 2013 / 11:29 am

    My reception class would love this.

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