The Accidents that Happen to Mobile Phones

 Have you recently spent a lot of money on a new phone? Confident you can keep it safe and secure or do you think you need to insure it?

We use phones to contact, socialise, map read, listen to music, chat, update information, locate information and download songs!

Accidents that Happen to Mobile Phones

Insurance cover for iPhone 5c or any other such valuable mobile phones is really an excellent idea in my opinion.  The mishaps people have with their mobiles!  (They often sound so funny but it is hard these days being without a phone)

My friends dog ran off with hers played with it in the garden and then it got trod on and smashed in the hunt to find it.

Many people I know have dropped their phone in the bath. I know it is a bit of a daft thing to do but I think people like to relax in the bath and have a bit of a chat. Trouble is it is all so apy and slippery and perhaps too relaxing.

Several others I know have dropped their phones down the toilet. Ahem. Now texting on the loo is a bit of a social no no so they all say the phone had fallen out their pickets but I do wonder if that is the whole story!

Sometimes phones can be covered on house insurance but you must check and what about if you are out and about? I would highly recommend you have cover for an expensive mobile phone. It is an item you are going to want to replace quickly.

Apparently there are 1 billion smart phone users in the world. Isn’t that incredible!




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