Preparing for your financial future

How good are you at preparing for your financial future?

Sometimes we find it hard to even plan our money for the summer holidays let alone save up for a future that is hard to imagine. But it is, of course, vitally important.

AXA Self Investor, who offer an online investment service, recently created an infographic about preparing for your financial future.

It makes very interesting reading.



I have my savings in a regular savings account like 65% of the population do but I have been increasingly thinking more about an ISA. And no, I am not in the 1% that think that NISA means a nicer ISA! Though I have to say that did make me chuckle.

It is interesting to note quite how many more of us feel confident in choosing an instant access savings account compared to those of us who feel confident choosing their savings/stocks and shares ISA’s. I think the straightforwardness of an instant access savings account and the immediacy of it really entices people. As can be seen in the infographic buying ISA’s seem complicated.

I certainly need to do a bit more research to get my head around them. It really is time for us to make more serious savings.

With ISA’s priofits can go down as well as up and I suppose in some ways this is what has prevented me from investing I would like a good return for my money though so I think we are at the pooint where we are happy to take a small risk. Have look here for more information.

I found using an ISA forecaster really useful. You can  switch around with the level of risk you are prepared to take and different deposit and monthly amounts you would put into the account to work what your likely returns will be. It also compares this with your return should you just be investing cash into savings.

Preparing for your financial future is definitely important and time focussing on this is indeed time well spent. Don’t just take the easy option.


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