Lego Play and a Parenting Confession

Lego play is big in our house.

Lego play


My kids are absolutely huge Lego fans and have been for a long time.

My daughter began her Lego love affair with Lego friends sets.  When she began this interest I was lucky enough to be invited to the Dorchester hotel (oh I know, how posh! ) to be given a talk by Lego on why the Lego friends range had come about. It was so interesting and I wrote this post about it What do you think of Lego for girls? I have to say the HUGE amount of research that had gone into the range went way beyond pastel colours and was much more to do with the love girls have for characteristics and social play.

I had to confess I found it so stressful that she fell in love with Lego so young because it meant she needed my help with fiddly bits and I am absolutely rubbish at following instructions and I would mess up frequently then have to unpick what we had done and redo it aggghhh! I have to be honest I did try and encourage other pastimes!

She  absolutely adores building Lego building s these days and the new animals that have come out recently have been a big hit with her. She got a bunny for Easter which was super cute and has just made up the Lego 3in1 rainforest animals set (£13)



It is such a great set which she can make into a parrot a chameleon or a tropical fish. Lise chose to make the the parrot (which also comes with the frog and fly to make up). She can make the others another day. I love these 3 in 1 ses as they are really three sets of Lego for the price of  one.


My son has recently made up a Ninjago Electromech set  (£13) which he was delighted with too…


Lego never seems to go out of favour and a new set is always met with great delight.

I have to confess though (yet again!) that the pesky pieces get stuck in my hoover and attack my bare feet so often I have considered a complete ban!

However I then recall how absolutely calm and quiet it is when the kids play with their Lego and I always rethink it!


Both fabulous sets were from House of Fraser in their building blocks and construction toys section.


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  1. April 10, 2015 / 8:37 pm

    I love that rainforest set, it looks fab. We have so much Lego, it’s great but does drive me mad when it goes all over the floor x
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