How to Keep Costs down When Organising your Home


Today – How to Keep Costs down When Organising your Home

We all love a thoroughly organised and decluttered home, and while it’s not quite time for spring cleaning, it’s never too early to get rid of all that dusty, ugly stuff you’ve got stacked everywhere. Don’t kid yourself, it doesn’t enhance the look of any wardrobe having stuff stacked on top of it, and the same goes for under sofas and beds. Minimalism is the way forward!

Organising your home doesn’t have to be expensive either. With a little thought, you can shift all that stuff that’s annoying you for little to no cash, or even make a little in the process! It could pay for itself!



How to Keep Costs down When Organising your Home

Sell Stuff!

It’s never been easier to log in to one of the many efficient online selling apps, and simply shift your old stuff. Providing it’s in demand, and it’s worth enough money to justify the time listing and then handling the sale, it can be a really great way to make some cash, declutter and reorganise your home.

Having said that, there’s a lot of stuff out there that the online second hand market place is simply too saturated with, and so won’t sell. Lots of things like clothes, shoes, older videogames and DVD’s just don’t sell as well as they used.

In some cases running stuff to the charity shop can be ideal, but just make sure it’s stuff they want. You don’t want to be inconveniencing charity volunteers to save yourself some time. These are all very cost effective options though.


Bin Stuff!

Okay, maybe it’s not exactly what you wanted to hear, but one of the cheapest ways of getting rid of stuff you can’t sell is always going to be binning it. Even if that necessitates a run to the tip, it can be worth so that old stack of National Geographic magazines isn’t still hanging around in six years’ time. Binning stuff is also meant to be great for you, who knew?

Obviously this is less than ideal for stuff you really value and want to keep long-term. You can’t bin your old school books, or your kid’s baby things. You need a different solution for those kinds of things.


Storage Solutions are Your New Best Friend

From stackable boxes to vacuum packing bags, there’s tons of amazing options for packing stuff up and storing it away to take up vastly less room than it would otherwise. This is a slightly more expensive option, but at least it’s not going to the tip. The trouble here is that it’s still going to be taking up room in your home.


Self-Store Everything Else!

If you’ve not got the time or space for all those options, then you’ll find the ideal option for you to be a quick trip down to your local self-storage facility. A quality, but cheap self storage company will be ability to guarantee the safety, security and easy access of your possessions.

It’s the best way to empty out your home of all those things you simply can’t bear to get rid of or bin, or if you don’t have the time to sell valuable things you no longer need or use. Self-storage isn’t as expensive as you might think either!


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