Fab starting school book starring Peppa Pig and your child

I like personalised books, I always think they give kids a really good giggle and encourage them to engage with the story.

We were invited to make a personalised Peppa Pig and me book. As my daughter is about to start school we chose to make the Annalise and Peppa go to school book. It’s so much fun. I got to decide on hairstyle and colour and eye colour so it looked like her and then just popped in her name. Super easy to make and the book is excellent quality,  it has a glossy cover, strong paper and it is a good a4 size just like the regular Peppa Pig books. This boook is ublished by Ladybird.

All the usual characters are in the story and initailly Annalise is feeling a bit shy. Peppa soon shows her round and gets her involved. This was a nice way of us talking to Annalise about school, how she might feel and what she might do there.  In the book she has an amazing time, grows in confidence, has lots of fun and makes lots of new friends. It is a really encouraging story to help her prepare for this big step.  I made this book at http://www.penwizard.co.uk/ and there are lots of other options for great personalised books to be found on the site. It would cost £14.99 which isn’t cheap but it is special.

personalised peppa pig




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  1. May 31, 2012 / 6:43 pm

    A personalised book is definitely more exciting. Looks like a great product.

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