A new and different way to buy and sell second hand children’s clothes

buy and sell second hand children’s clothes

A few weeks ago ReLIKE introduced themselves to me on Twitter. I had a little peek at what they did and I was so impressed I wanted to show you .

So basically you can bundle up and pass on your old children’s clothes (they will be collected and rehomed and you will receive credits.

You can also search for a bundle of listed clothes that are right for your child for just £15 and they will be delivered free.

Simple, no bother, great value and a big nod to keeping things green.

I like ReLIKE!


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  1. Abbe
    July 16, 2013 / 10:08 pm

    Wow! We’ve been away in a far off part of Spain for a week (without internet access) and have only just seen this lovely post from you. What an amazing homecoming present! We are always trying to get more exposure for ReLIKE and mentions like this are GOLD. Thank you so much! Abbe x

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