Babies and borrowing

Babies and borrowing

Family life is never easy, especially when you first start out. If there’s one thing that often comes alongside the happiness of introducing a new baby to the world, it’s the various costs and expenses that can come along with it.

Babies, unfortunately, are not cheap, so it helps if the parents know a thing or two about money before they get started. With this in mind, here are a few things you might want to consider about borrowing when planning for a family.


When dealing with families, it’s not unheard of for unexpected costs to arise. This, of course, is where borrowing money can prove useful. Instead of your typical loans, however, you may want to consider a credit card. This doesn’t tie you down to large loans and you only borrow what you need when you need it, which is highly useful for budgeting your money in advance.

Babies and borrowing

Some cards, such as the aqua Classic card don’t even add interest if the balance is paid off at the end of the month. In other words, if you only borrow what you can afford then you won’t be charged anything on top of the amount you borrow. 

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Successful borrowing should be used alongside clever budgeting. Very few people have the luxury of spare money each month so borrowing can work well in any budget but you need to consider other ways to cope with costs too. Keeping your expenditures as low as possible will create a financial cushion for you to rest on each month and that will alleviate stress as you prepare to expand your family.

To help, consider these budgeting tips to get on top of your finances before it’s too late: 

·         Make a comprehensive list of all your expenses. Don’t forget to include one off payments such as your TV licensing or internet security package.

·         Look for free alternatives to services you pay for. Internet security is an ideal example and you can find plenty of free programmes that offer decent levels of protection without charging you for the privilege. 

·         Review all tariffs and renewals before parting with cash. This applies to everything from your mobile phone contract to utility bills and insurance premiums.

·         Use price comparison sites to help you source the best deals. Again this can cover a variety of purchases from insurance to food shopping and even holidays. 

·         Cut down on luxury purchases to give yourself more money to save. This should be invested wisely which means routinely reviewing your current accounts, savings accounts and ISAs to ensure you’re getting the best return on any funds you have squirreled away.

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