Profile of a budgeting mum: Katie Fever

Hi, what’s your name? Kate Fever

Katie Fever

Any kids? Yes, 3. Aged 7, 5 and 8 weeks

Do you work? FT/PT? PT teaching assistant, currently on maternity leave

Why do you work? Because I have to, to pay the bills!

What are your child care arrangements? Older 2 in school (I work school hours). Not sure what will happen with baby yet.

How do you manage for money? We manage, but don’t have much spare!

Do  you worry about money? Yes

What do you waste money on? Childrens clothes

Have you made any big financial changes since having kids? Sold one of our cars to save on running costs.

How do you make extra cash? Sponsored blog posts

Can you share 3 top budgeting tips for other parents?

1. Buy value range foods – you probably won’t notice the difference!

2. Use auction sites and second hand sales for clothes and toys

3. Instead of spending money on expensive days out, go to the park or the beach instead


My blog is Family Fever 

Thanks so much for you answers Katie Fever


 If you would like to join in with thise seies and shre your best budgeting tips please contact me at

I would juts love to hear from you!




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