Parenting Habits that Will Help You Strengthen Your Bond with Your Child

Today – 5 Parenting Habits that Will Help You Strengthen Your Bond with Your Child


Strengthen Your Bond with Your Child

We all do it so differently don’t we and some of us find it easier than others. but at varying times I guarantee we would also say it is pretty tough to stay feeling connected to our kids


Parenting Habits that Will Help You Strengthen Your Bond with Your Child

Don’t worry though, there are a host of easily achievable ways to strengthen your bond with your child and reconnect. here are some top tips to help you on the right path….



Physical connections are a key to closeness and hugs matter, make them long and meaningful but only if your child is comfortable  It takes such little effort but it can be just so comforting to have an awesome hug off someone who loves you . research has shown that hugging is essential for attachment and can even prevent illness. Now isn’t that amazing. Plus it will make you feel absolutely great too. You cannot give a hug without getting one.



I love to play with my kids but often find i put it off for other things that are honestly way less important.  Playing together through games or make-believe, storytelling or on the park is such a brilliant way to reconnect and keep that bond strong. You need to do it with a light and open heart though. Kids recall how you make them feel far more than what you did with them by Play stimulates the release of oxytocin and endorphins- two important hormones linked to happiness – so kids will feel good after this time with you and that is a great feeling to have them associate with spending time together.

Play is also an awesome way to build up a host of skills, social, physical, fine motor, creative so do bring it much more into your parenting.


 Strengthen Your Bond with Your Child by listening

Children are told what to do all day and every day, form school to home to their grandparents and sometimes they need a break. Sometimes they simply need you to shush and listen. We have two ears and one mouth for a good reason. Listening matters most.

So why does listening matter, well it helps your child feel valued and respected, it tells them their thoughts and feelings matter too?

When you listen well you will really hear how they are feeling and they won’t have to show you through their behaviour. This can make for much happier, emotionally healthy and better-behaved kids. it also goes a really long way in connecting the two of you.

Try it!


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Just give a little respect

If you want your kids to be respectful you have to be respectful too. So what does this look like

It means giving them time, saying your pleases and thank you’s too, not raising your voice, asking their opinion and valuing it. treating them with the respect you would give your parents or a peer or a work colleague goes a very long way.

Plus they are MUCH more likely to respect you back and LIKE you too. And they are much more likely to feel closer to you and be more co-operative.


Strengthen Your Bond with Your Child

Children need your presence, not your presents – a good way to strengthen your bond with your child is to make time for them

Eat together, go for walks, drive, go out to eat. 1:1 time when there is lots of space and opportunity to chat and reconnect is absolutely priceless and probably one of the most value lessons in parenting. Do you make enough time to really connect with your kids?


I do hope these habits help you Strengthen Your Bond with Your Child – do you have any to add. I always love to hear from you so do leave me a comment below if you have anything to add.


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