7 Ways to Raise Less Materialistic Kids

Ways to Raise Less Materialistic Kids

Ways to Raise Less Materialistic Kids

Are you seeking ways to raise less materialistic kids?

In a consumer led world this is a tough ask. But oh never so important as it is right now.  The planet is in crisis and reducing materialism is an important step towards solving this.

Raising a child is confusing and difficult, and even more so today, where the world is focused on gaining material possessions and owing every single shiny new object that is introduced in the market.

In the materialistic society that we live in, how is it really possible for us to raise our children into adults that are more humble, giving and non-materialistic? Read on to have a look at some of my ideas aound this. I hope that you find them to be useful


Treat Experiences

One of the easiest and effortless ways to raise your child into an adult who isn’t materialistic is to focus on giving your child more of experiences and less of material possessions. For instance, instead of getting him a brand new toy for his birthday, treat him to a short road trip, take him camping and have fun as a family. It has been proven time and again that experiences bring more lasting happiness too. They also fill the memory banks of kids with lots of good stuff.


Practise What You Preach

Remember that what you do screams louder to your children than what you say. This is exactly why you need to start practising minimalism in your own life before you encourage your child to do the same. Sure, this might mean fewer shopping trips and even lesser luxury impulse buys, but hey- it’s all worth it! Your money situation will be better, your home will be less cluttered and you will be making a much better impact on the environment.


Emphasise Budgeting

You’re never too early to teach your little one about money matters. Help your child discover all about money, spending it wisely, saving up and budgeting according to his needs and wants. Not only will this form a strong base for them when it comes to financial aspects, but it will also help your child grow that way, and carry it into adulthood too. Plus if they understand money and how it is finite and limited and if they come to respect it them they will be more careful with it and hopefully consume less.


Encourage Them to Help Out

Encouraging your child to help those less fortunate than them, and develop the spirit of giving is again, an excellent way to make things work. Get your kid familiar with different charities and organizations, and discuss how they could take part in helping them. This will help your kid stay humble and develop empathy too.

It is so important that they see the bigger picture and learn to want less and give more throughout their lives.


Skip the Commercials

You’ll be surprised at how effective this little trick can be when it comes to helping your little one have a less materialistic approach in life. More often than not, children take advertisements and commercials as the truth. The result? They want every next best thing in the market

If you’re sitting down together to watch something as a family, make sure you mute the commercials and talk during that time. This also works with magazines, avoid magazines packed with adverts – and again do practice what you preach, it’s not always easy but will have a positive impact on you and your own consumerism too.


Visit a Rubbish Dump

Oh yes, you read that right.

Nope, it’s not for the memory building! That would just be weird wouldn’t it!

Take your little one to a dump yard near you and let them see how all those Christmas presents and birthday gifts from so many kids turned out to be dumped here, in the end. Let them know how all of this waste affects the environment that they live in, and that everything that they own, or wants to, will probably end up here in the end.  You could also talk to them about How zero waste products can save you money

This can be a huge eye opener and cause lots of feelings of guilt. What is important to emphasise is how we can all change moving forward rather than worrying about the past.


Let Them Prioritize

Growing children like to be in control, and that’s exactly why you, as a parent, need to give your kid a little more freedom to handle his expenses the way he wants it to. If your kid is old enough that they have’ started getting some pocket money, sit down with them and discuss ways how they could use it wisely- spend some, save some- but let them do it their way.

This will help them make good choices rather than relying on you to do so and going forward this will make them be wiser,


Encourage reading

It’ such a good idea to encourage your kids to read. Books can be borrowed so easily from the librarary they never have to be a consumer item. They will entertain and educate children for hours and always be a hobby they can afford. This is definitely an awesome way for kids to be enterined on a budget and learn to be less  materialistic. The great thing about library books is that they go back! and get used again and agina and agina


So there you have it a whole host of ways to raise less materialistic kids.


Over to you

What ways to raise less materialistic kids do you use? I would love to know. Please share your ideas in the comment section below.  I always love to hear from you.


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