8 toys that last the distance

Today – toys that last the distance

My children are 12 and 15 now but they still have some toys we bought when they were young that really have lasted the distance. It is with the benefit of hindsight that I can look back and say – well that was worth every penny as it lasted so long and got played with so much.

Toys that last the distance are just the best arent’t they?

Here are  8toys I  recommend you invest in if you are looking for longevity!

toys that last the distance

Toys that last the distance

  • An easel – I was really sceptical about getting an easel inititally thinking surely the table would do for painting..but it it has been fabulous. We have a table top sized one and it goes outdoors too and folds up neatly. It’s been a firm favourite over the years.
  • A flower press – we have loved our flower press and it has formed the basis of lots of crafting.
  • Garden slide- slides for kids are a great investment my littlest still pops hers into the paddling pool and hurtles down it on a hot day!
  • Sledges – oh, even now my kids are excited to get their sledges out on a snow day and they have lasted years! Wicken Toys do some lovely ones.
  • Swing ball – how we love our Swing Ball and over the years, summer in summer out it has bought us tons of fun – great to play on your own or with friends
  • Table tennis set – we have a little table tennis kit you can set up on pretty much any table. It’s brilliant and we have played it endlessly!It has even come away with us,
  • Skateboards –  Always fun to chuck in the car and take out and about. My kids are by no means experts but it’s always fun to have a go, and skateboards are super robust
  • Lego – always a delight, I used to have to make it for them but now they can tackle adult sets. Lego lasts and lasts and lasts.

So there you go from tots to teens these 8 toys that have lasted us really well.

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