Questions to Answer When You Plan to Move to a New House

Today – Plan to Move to a New House

Questions to Answer When You Plan to Move to a New House

Questions to Answer When You Plan to Move to a New House

Moving houses can be burdensome. Moving localities and cities, even more so. But it is also an exhilarating and exciting phase of your life as it signals the beginning of something new. You may be making a move for a job, for an upgrade or even for a spouse. But if you do your research, the transition period can be much more comfortable and much less nerve-wracking. Here are five questions you need to answer before making the cut.


Are you familiar with the neighbourhood?

Never underestimate the importance of a support network. You may not be the person to socialise with neighbours, but moving could sure be less stressful if you have people to count on. Research has shown the strain of moving increases the risk of premature birth for pregnant women. Locate the nearest pharmacy and daycare facilities. Research schools in the area if you have children. Reach out to friends or relatives living in the area who could babysit the kids when the sitter calls in sick or be there to help when there’s an emergency. Knowing you have people to count on will make the transition much smoother. You can always bring over home-baked banana bread to make a good start.


Do you have the measurements?

Knowing if your old furniture will fit into your new house requires some time with the measuring tape. See what sofa set you can fit and what you’ll have to put up in the yard sale. Figure out the door measurements and purchase pre-hung doors from an Online Door Store.


Have you transferred utilities?

See if the connections to all utilities are functional. Contact your internet service provider to let them know you’re moving and want the connection transferred to your new home.


Plan to Move to a New House

Have you changed your address?

Now that you’re changing homes, you’ll have to shift your correspondence to your new address as well. Don’t forget to forward your mail to your new address. Notify your bank and service providers that you’ll be changing your address from a certain date. Let friends and relatives know you’ll be moving. A moving announcement emailed or texted to everyone would be an effective way of doing so. Cancel all non-transferable subscriptions. Also, change your billing and subscription address, so your official correspondence doesn’t get lost or end up at your old address.

When and how to move?

Look up reviews of moving companies on the internet and seek advice from your friends. Do your homework to find someone credible and licensed so your furniture and stuff sails safely to your new abode. Aim to move at off-peak times to get a cheaper quote on the moving service. Also, try to book one during the week when demand is lower, and so are the prices bound to be. Some companies also have a non-allowable list such as paints, fertilisers and fire extinguishes. Get that information before hiring one, so you make an informed choice.


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