Save money and sell your house without an estate agent

sell your house without an estate agent

Save money and sell your house without an estate agent

You might think when it’s time to sell your house or flat that you have to work with an estate agent, who will take care of listing and marketing the property and organising viewings. But there are other options available for selling your home that can have more benefits than working with an estate agent, including using a specialist property buying company or through a local or regional property auction.

Selling your property on your own without an estate agent

It can be a daunting prospect to selling your own home and effectively being your own estate agent, but many homeowners have done this and it’s a possible option to consider.

The first step is to get your home ready for sale, cleaning it up and doing any decorating work that might help to make the property more attractive for buyers. If your bathroom is out of date and in need of repair, consider investing in a bathroom upgrade that might add to the sale price. And rearrange furniture to remove clutter and maximise the open space buyers will see.

Once you’re ready to sell your home, you need to determine the price at which you’re willing to list it on the market. Spend some time browsing property websites to get an idea of the price level that similar houses or flats are listed, although if you see a similar property that has been on the market for a very long time you should consider setting your price at a lower level.

For your property listing you’ll have to write a description of your house that covers all the basics including how many rooms, its history, and more. As part of these make sure that your opening paragraph for the description is interesting and catchy for potential buyers.

You’ll also need to take photos of your home for the listing, but take your time with these because badly taken pictures can actually turn people off your home. Take photos at angles that show each room in its best light and makes them look as large as possible. If a large garden is a feature be sure to take several pictures that help to show off this asset.

To list your property, you’ll have to pay for your own advertising and listing, so be sure that you can afford this cost. If you can, there are a host of websites that will let you list your property, or you could even try your luck at selling your home through Twitter or Facebook. Another more-traditional option is listing your house or flat in your local newspaper’s sales section.

You’ll also be responsible for organising viewings for prospective buyers to visit your property, so do these at a time that works for you, so you don’t have to hire anyone to do the viewings.

If someone makes an offer on your property, you can negotiate with them on a final sale price. Once you’re ready to accept and exchange contracts you should contact a solicitor to do the final necessary legal work that must be completed before the sale can be finalised.



What alternatives are available for selling your house without an estate agent?

As you might be able to see from the above tips, being responsible for selling your home can be a complicated and lengthy process and might be more work than you’re willing to do.

If that’s the case, there are a couple of alternative options open for selling, starting with contacting an auctioneer. They will list and market your property ahead of an auction, with the benefit that the auction date is the day that your home will sell. If you’re eager to have a precise date for when you’ll sell, contacting an auctioneer might be the best approach.

But be wary of the financial risk you’ll be taking if you auction your home, because you might end up with a final sale price that’s lower than what you’re willing to accept. Auctioneers will encourage you to set a minimum reserve opening bid that’s below the sale amount you want to get, because this could help generate more interest in your house or flat and lead to competitive bidding on auction day that drives the sale price potentially higher than you’re hoping. But you might also only get one opening bid on your home and have to settle for the reserve price.

Alternatively, consider getting in touch with a property buying company such as LDN Properties. Launched in 2003, they have years of experience making quick offers to buy houses and flats without charging any fees. This approach has several benefits, including ensuring a speedy sale and guaranteeing you’ll get cash for the full sale amount. If a need for a fast sale at a decent price is your priority, a buying company can help you with this.


Which alternative to an estate agent is best for selling my home?

Every homeowner will have their own needs when selling their property, whether it’s a desire to make a quick sale or whether it’s an aim to make the most money possible by selling.

If you’ve already decided against selling your house through an estate agent, your two most viable alternative options are auctioning and selling to a property buying company. Carefully consider the guide above to help you determine which choice is best suited to your individual requirements before making a final choice on how to sell your home.


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