How to stop kids procrastinating

Today – How to stop kids procrastinating


How to stop kids procrastinating


How to stop kids procrastinating

Whether it is getting your little one to do his homework or clean his room- sometimes, it can  be a struggle to figure out how to stop kids procrastinating. Just like us, growing kids too, struggle with motivation and find it hard to get things done on time, and end up procrastinating, and as a parent, it is natural for you to get worried.


hoe to stop kids procrastinating


How to stop kids procrastinating – top tips

Thankfully, there’s actually a lot you can do to help. Read on to discover 5 effective ways to tackle procrastination in your little one.


Understand Where Procrastinating Stems From

The first and most obvious step to tackling procrastination in your little one is to understand where it actually stems from. The next time your kid puts something off for later, sit down and ask him the reason why he would rather work on it afterwards. Is it because he feels he won’t be able to do it right? Is it because the task is too boring for him? Is it because he’s got too much on his plate? Asking these questions will help you get a little insight into the issue.

How to stop kids procrastinating

Set Reasonable Expectations

Setting too many unrealistic expectations from your child can quickly backfire, and he’ll end up being plagued with feelings of inadequacy, which is why, he might end up losing the motivation and drive to work altogether, and end up procrastinating. Set small goals and help him take things one step at a time, as opposed to getting him overwhelmed with too much.


How to stop kids procrastinating? – Prepare a Plan

Creating an action plan can really help tackle procrastination in kids, and even get them motivated. This works exceptionally well for larger tasks- a math test for example. Set a reasonable time limit for him to work on specific parts of the task, and offer support and encouragement along the way. Getting him to contribute to chalking out the plan can be a great idea too. Praise him for his accomplishments- even when they’re little.


Improving Problem Solving Kids is how to stop kids procrastinating

Teaching your little one basic problem-solving skills can again, help in more ways than one. Educate him about breaking his tasks into chunks, and develop a plan when it comes to tackling larger tasks. This will prevent him from sinking into a spiral of unrealistic and irrational bad consequences of not being able to finish the tasks.

how to stop kids procrastinating.

Offer Relatable Advice is one way how to stop kids procrastinating

Being a parent doesn’t mean you should always be the ‘perfect person’ and drop advice bombs every now and then. Instead, when you get down and share your own fears, vulnerabilities, struggles and success stories with your child, it can have a much stronger impact on him, and can help him learn a lot. Once every now and then, discuss with your kid how you too, struggled with staying motivated and procrastinating, and how you managed to overcome those issues.


It is well worth figuring out how to stop kids procrastinating Stopping being a procrastinator now will serve them so well later in life.

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