10 Tips for a Bridesmaid on a Budget


Today – tips for a bridesmaid on a budget


tips for a bridesmaid on a budget

Tips for a Bridesmaid on a budget

A wedding ceremony is a fabulous thing. Certainly, each bride dreams about a beautiful dress, an amazing ceremony, and a sweet honeymoon. However, all these things need a lot of money. Therefore, marriage is considered a very expensive event. Unfortunately, it can be costly not only for newlyweds but for guests too, especially for bridesmaids. So, what to do if you want to be a bridesmaid at the wedding of your best friend, but don’t have enough money?


Five top tips for a bridesmaid on a budget

    1. Make the hairdo and make-up by yourself. Certainly, you should have a special look this day. The basis of perfect appearance is a good hairdo and professional makeup. You can save a great amount of money by styling your hair on your own. There is a great number of popular hairdos for long and short hair among which you can choose, and make it easily repeat by yourself. The same trick is good for make-up; as any other girl, you should know better what make-up is good for you, so complete the makeup yourself or ask a friend you trust to save some funds.
    2. Rent a bridesmaid’s dress. Certainly, it is much better to buy a new bridesmaid’s dress for the wedding ceremony. However, the price may not satisfy you at all, especially if your best friend – the bride – has particular views on what her bridesmaids should wear on the ceremony. In such a case, you can get off the hook by renting a bridesmaid dress of appropriate color. Such an approach is also very pragmatic because there is no necessity to buy a dress for one day.
    3. Rent shoes for a wedding ceremony. You can do the same thing with shoes for the wedding ceremony. Rent a pair of shoes for one evening; it is not a big deal, especially if you have a meager budget. Another variant is to borrow shoes (or even dress) from your friends or mother.
    4. Plan a bachelorette party by yourself. If you have a low budget for the happiest event in your best friend’s life, a good way to save your money is to plan everything on your own. You can easily take planning of the bachelorette party into your hands. Acting this way, you will control your budget much better.
    5. Book tickets in advance. If your friends want to have a destination wedding in an exotic place, and you as a bridesmaid must go with them, use a great opportunity to cut your expenses down by booking tickets in advance. Certainly, the trip will be more expensive than a usual wedding, but you can find an affordable price even in such a situation

More tips for a bridesmaid on a budget

  1. Share expenses with friends. If you have to go for a destination wedding with bride and groom, cooperate with other guests. You can book one room in the hotel with some other guest to share expenses. This solution will help you not only to save your money, but also to have a good time in a good company! So, use this chance if an opportunity arises.
  2. Look through a wish list first. It is a tradition to present something to newlyweds. Moreover, modern traditions imply the presence of a wish list created by a bride and a groom. Consequently, if your friend has such a wish list, be the first to look it through. Usually, such lists contain different things useful for a new family; so, you can select something affordable for you.
  3. Make handmade gifts if possible. You can create small handmade presents if they are appropriate in this situation, and save more money. Use all your creativity to find a good idea for wedding gifts!
  4. Save money in advance. It may happen that a young couple plans their wedding for distant future, but it can also be a good chance for you to save money if you want to be a bridesmaid at their wedding.
  5. Talk with the bride. All in all, if you have no financial opportunity to be a bridesmaid for your best friend, talk with her about it. Two heads are better than one; therefore, it will be easier for both of you to find a way out of this situation. Maybe the bride will agree to forgo some non-essential details to make your planning more effective and within the budget available to you.

Hopefully, all these little tricks will help you to participate in the marriage of your best friend as a bridesmaid. You will be able to look pretty and present good gifts even if you have a small budget.


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tips for a bridesmaid on budget


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