Cheap Wedding Ideas for a Simple and Special Occassion

We have a bunch of cheap wedding ideas to make your day simple special and memorable in every way. An amazing wedding is entirely possible on a budget.

If you have been looking at cheap wedding ideas you may be feeling a little dishearted about your big day and the fact that expense is an issue for you. But I am here to tell you that really does not have to be the case at all. There are lots of cheap wedding ideas that are simply fabulous and will make your day super special whilst still on a budget.


cheap wedding ideas

Cheap wedding ideas

Here are a few cheap wedding ideas to help you with your planning.



Venues can be very pricey for a wedding so my top tip would be to explore all your options. A marquee in a friend’s large garden could save you a small fortune! Also, have you considered getting married during term time on a weekday? Okay it won’t be convenient for everyone BUT it will get you a venue rice reduction



One of my favourite cheap wedding ideas is about the photographer.

In these days of awesome smartphone photography, you don’t need to be paying a fortune out for a photographer. Your guest’s wedding photos will be awesome – trust me. They will capture stuff you don’t even see and all you need to do is get your hands on these photos. have you heard of Wedding Photo Swap?

Wedding Photo Swap can save someone planning a wedding lots of money, by pooling guest’s photos. With various pricing packages form free to £25 this really does make a great saving. It works really simply

  1. You create an online space through the app for your wedding photos to be stored
  2. You invite family and friends to use the app by email or via your wedding website
  3. Guests upload photos live from your wedding to your online albums. Guests can also send photos via the website or by email=
  4.  Then you can approve, arrange and sort guest photos. You can also print photos or download them from inside the app.

So easy and so much fun and you will really get a full picture of your wedding and a huge saving

I would suggest you pick one or two very reliable friends to take a few formal shots of pre-wedding, walking down the aisle, family group photos so you know for sure you will have these too.


cheap wedding ideas



Take a leaf out of Princess Beatrice’s book and borrow a dress is

possible from your granny. Such a sentimental and eco-friendly touch and the vintage look is very cool right now. However, if this isn’t a possibility (or you truly hate her dress) and you have bridesmaid dresses to buy too, then you need to think outside the box.  Find your prom dress and you will find your bridesmaid dresses but at a much better price! There is even a section with dresses under £20.



I always think a long, boring sit down meal just gets in the way of the dancing at a wedding so do consider having a cheap and cheerful buffet instead.


Weddings do not have to be expensive – they just need to be full of love and the people you love and anything else can definitely have corners cut.


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