Beautiful engagement rings on a budget

today – engagement rings on a budget


engagement rings on a budget

Where to get engagement rings on a budget

When it comes to getting married people often blow their budget pretty quickly and really can end up paying it all of for years. I firmly believer however that if you are smart and shop around you can find beautiful wedding items without the need to get yourself into debt.

Look at this stunning princess engagement ring I have found at EraGem  genuine diamond and looks like it should have cost a fortune! Isn’t it a beauty.

EraGem also sell estate jewellery so you can picked up some great value used rings that are really unusual.

It is always worth having a good look around if you want to find something on a budget and something quite unique.

What is your engagement story?

Mine is pretty romantic. J told me to dress as if we were going to Derby and pack for 2 nights away. I have to say I like Derby but didn’t think that sounded like the most romantic trip ever.

Next think I know we were at the airport and before I could blink we were on a plane to Paris. How lovely and what a treat. On the very last night in the pouring rain, just opposite the Eiffel tower, he went down on one knee in a puddle and proposed.

I said yes immediately and that was that. He had even asked my mums permission.  Bless him.

My ring was a white gold band with a tiny diamond. Perfect for me I am unfussy and have small hands and I loved its simplicity.



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