How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Flower Girl Dress

Fabric for Your Flower Girl Dress


How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Flower Girl Dress

So, you’re getting married. You’ve chosen your gown, the bridesmaids’ attire, and now it’s time to focus on the most adorable outfit of all – the flower girl’s dress. When considering which dress to choose for the mini-member of your wedding party, one of the most important aspects to focus on is the fabric used to make it.

While choosing a flower girl dress may be simpler because of the versatility in style and the looser fit allowance, the one thing you absolutely cannot overlook is the fabric choice. If you want a happy flower girl at your wedding (which you absolutely do), you need to make sure she’s comfortable. You also need to consider the fact that little kids can be rough, so you don’t want to choose a fabric that will get torn apart before you can even read your vows. To get you started, here are some simple tips for choosing flower girl dress fabric.

Comfort is Key

While the style of the dress is important, it should also be made in a fabric that’s comfortable for a little girl to wear over an extended period of time. Cotton sateen, organza and chiffon are some of the most comfortable and versatile fabrics for flower girl dresses. Whatever you choose, purchase it in advance so you can make sure she’s comfortable or exchange it if she’s not. It’s also a good idea to order multiple dresses at once and simply choose the best and return the rest.

Think Movement

You must not forget that little girls never sit still. If you choose a fabric that’s fragile or restrictive, the outfit may not last the entire ceremony. It’s imperative that you choose a dress that will move with the girl throughout the day and into the evening. This is especially so for toddlers.

Organza and cotton sateen are the most durable fabrics. Satin and chiffon are acceptable flower girl dress fabrics, but should be reserved for older girls as they’re more on the delicate side. JJ’s House has a wide range of flower girl dresses and toddler flower girl dresses to choose from in a variety of comfortable fabrics.

Additional Embellishments

A comfortable cotton inner can be embellished with a range of things to make the dress stand out while remaining comfortable. Lace flower girl dresses, embroidered flower girl dresses and dresses made with sequins are some of the most fun styles to consider. Lace and embroidery can give a super-feminine, sophisticated touch to the ensemble while sequins can be super-fun and make the look really pop.

The most important things to remember when choosing flower girl dress fabric are that you need something comfortable and something she can move around in easily. If the flower girl is feeling uncomfortable or restricted in her dress, it will be evident during the ceremony and she’ll end up looking more frustrated than adorable. Choose wisely and you’ll have a happy little superstar that lights up the event.


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