Special Gifts to keep forever


Three Sided Diamond Ring in 18k White Gold

Special Gifts to keep forever

This year for Christmas as a little investment I have purchased an drawing for my daughter. It is an Eileen Soper painting (she illustrated the Famous Five books) and it is of a girl exactly like her. The girl is holding a book and staring out to sea. It is called The Explorer.  I bought this drawing not only because it captures my daughters spirit, because she is a huge HUGE famous five fan but also because I think this drawing my inspire her.

Eileen Soper, age 15, was the youngest person ever to exhibit at the RA. I really don’t think with her associations and credibility this gorgeous drawing will lose its value. Not only will this be a much loved gift but is I think an investment gift that will be increase or at least hold its value. I like to give gift like that. Throwaway gifts just aren’t the same.

Things I like

I have been perusing www.vashi.com to choose what gifts to keep forever I may like for Christmas. I actually rather adore this eternity ring (after 10 years of marriage I think  have earned it too!) And what an absolutely lovely thing to pass onto my daughter in years to come. I love the simple classic design and I cannot ever imagine diamonds not being precious and ‘cool,’ they are just so perfect.

Vashi is a lovely, online  diamond ring store website of  beautiful quality. So easy to choose exactly what you want and you can even design your own diamond ring on there. I just made his one in mere seconds and I am in love with it!

How precious would that be a ring you or a loved one had designed yourself. I think I might do this for my daughters 21st.

For my son for Christmas ? Well I cannot tell you because he goes online and sometimes reads my blog but he has a forever gift coming too. So exciting.

The best forever gift I had was a book of fairy tales. It is so beautiful I treasured it even when I was tiny. It is now my children’s and one day I believe will be their children’s. It was from my Grandad and Granny and is inscribed to me. I love it so much.

Special gifts to keep forever need to be thoughtful, beautiful and sent form the heart, They do not need to be expensive and they can differ greatly but I do believe they should  be given with love.


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    nice collection ….keep posting such things

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