5 ways to keep your spouse happy

Today – 5 ways to keep your spouse happy

5 ways to keep your spouse happy, ways to keep your spouse happy

5 ways to keep your spouse happy

I have recently read a lovely post from Quality Solicitors around ways to be closer to your spouse 27 fabulous ideas to be precise. Lots of food for thought!  It has some fabulous advice and is a really useful read. I was inspired to really think about what I  do to keep our family together and what I need to work on more.

Here are my  favourite 5 top tips from the article and some thoughts about ways to keep your spouse happy and ways to put them into action.

Discuss your week

I think this is really key to keeping a family together. If it all becomes about the kids the adults of the family can feel lonely and unheard. I try every evening to spend some time with my other half asking them about their day. But we need more than that and a date night each week where we really chick in with each other would make a huge difference to our sense of connection. I think talking over what has gone well and how things could go better the following week is sound advice and feelings as well as thoughts should be aired.

Get creative

Ditching the TV and getting creative with your time together is a great tip. We like to play guitar together and even a few playstation games. We need to take up a sport together to really extend this and bring more fun to our lives.

Giving can help you reconnect – ways to keep your spouse happy

Getting a gift from your partner really does make you feel loved whether flowers, a love letter or a surprise trip. We do so much of this when we first meet. I need to reinvest in doing this now. It doesn’t have to be a big thing it is the thought and the gesture that matter.

Rid yourself of distractions

I so often give my partner only half of my attention as I make tea, finish a blog post or send a text. I am sure he feels it. I resolve to do better as I hate it when he does this to me. He needs to know he matters.

My final choice from all the tips that I know I need to take on board is …

Ways to keep your spouse happy – If you want something, ask

Yep much as I think he is my other half is not a mind reader and getting annoyed with him for not doing what I want him to do when I haven’t even told him really is a bit daft.

I need to learn to ASK! Ways to keep your spouse happy means not expcting them to be psychic


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  1. February 26, 2016 / 5:07 pm

    I especially like the ‘rid yourself of distraction’ comment – so hard to do in this modern world sometimes.

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