Ways to save money in your bedroom

Today – Ways to save money in your bedroom

Ways to save money in your bedroom

Ways to save money in your bedroom – top tips

Are you looking for ways to save money in your bedroom? When it comes to designing the bedroom of your dreams it can be very tempting to get carried away. Looking at home design magazines in stores, showroom or on interior design blogs can really give you some fabulous and inspiring ideas. It can also make your eyes water at the price. It can be astoundingly expensive to do up a bedroom.

It really doesn’t have to be though.

As always in life, you really do not have to spend a great deal of money to make some pretty fabulous improvements.

What might you invest in?

There are some areas of a bedroom that you might definitely consider worthy of investment. I have had cheaper MDF wardrobes and chest of drawers and they almost always fall apart after a year or so. I would go for wood every time. You could, however, consider buying second hand or from an auction or wholesaler or even a local carpenter who just does not have the overheads.

In terms of a good bed, well it is certainly important to get one that is really robust and that is of classic design. This is not something you want to be replacing regularly or even as you update your decor. A good king size mattress is also a worthwhile investment so you get lots of room to spread out and a really comfortable night’s sleep. A memory foam mattress might also be something you do decide it is worth investing in. Memory foam mattresses are built to respond to your body heat and mould to your shape and can really improve sleep quality too.


Where can you save money in your bedroom?

Changing the decor of your bedroom is easily an area where you can save. A simple YouTube search will give you some great DIY decorating tips and changing the colour on your walls is straightforward and inexpensive.

Duvet covers can also be purchased inexpensively if you shop around and a lot of the supermarkets now have lovely budget designs. A new duvet set updates your bedroom in an instant.

I like to keep a jug of fresh flowers in my bedroom, keep it spotlessly clean and very tidy. Really such little cost or effort involved here and yet all are conducive to a beautiful bedroom.

Art prints and framed great quotes can also be easily and inexpensively updated yet work to give a bedroom a fabulous refresh.


You really can have a beautiful bedroom without spending a fortune and by making conscious decisions where to save or splurge.


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