How to create an amazing bedroom on a budget

create an amazing bedroom on a budget

Create an amazing bedroom on a budget

Do you long to know how to create an amazing bedroom on a budget ?

Regular readers will know that  I am a huge fan of decor and design and home interiors are one of my passions. I love to blog about beautiful homes, but most especially about how to have a beautiful home on a budget. I totally believe it is possible.

I have some great tips for you today on ways to create an amazing bedroom on a budget

I think it is important to start with the basics, beds, flooring, lighting, curtains and storage  are a great place to begin, In  a budget bedroom these need to be well priced, practical and long lasting and neutral colours work really well.

Here are some suggestions:


It is possible to get a great bed for a good price,  you just have to know where to look.

Beds from Bed Guru come in  all sorts of shapes and styles and sizes.

I especially love their ottamon storage beds which are a wonderful way to store your bedding.





Beds need to be good quality and sturdy and the right size for your room. No matter how great a king sized bed is you do need to be able to easily get around it. If it you bedroom is on the smaller size  you might want a rethink on bed size.



I love this wooden bed (also from Bed Guru) it is perfect for a contemporary bedroom. It is  stylish, minimalist and classic and it is not goind to date anytime soon  – this is really important if you live on a budget.


We bought really neutral bedside lamps for our bedroom and a simple pendant light shade, again in neutral colours. These are perfect for a low key bedroom and have lasted us a long time now. They have withstood any changes in the room as we never have a clashing issue.



We did not get traditional curtains for our bedroom instead we went for neutral black out blinds. These have enabled us again to change decor withoot concern and it has also meant the room looks more minimlaistic and zen – a  look we have aspired too. We do  have sheer voile curtains over the blinds for the day time to enable privacy and to give a slightly softer look.



Personally i do like a neutral carpet in a bedroom as it feels cosy and warm underfoot. Howver, if you don’t have the cash to spalsh on a caroet and already have wooden floors than a fluffy faux fur rug by the side or your bed and some soft slippers are a great budget alternative.



Bedroom storage is really important.

A bedroom needs to be serene as it is the place you go to to relax.  Consequently you really do need your clutter packed away. Under the bed storage (with lids to keep out the dust ) is a great way to keep your space clear.

One of the best tips though for storage though is less is more. Declutter regularly and you really won’t need half as much storage as you might think. We bought our solid wood wardrobes 15 years ago at an auction – they are still in great shape. Wardrobes and chest of drawers get a lot of wear and tear, It is worth investing in good qaulity if you want it to last.



Accessories are so key when you are looking at creating an amazing bedroom on a budget. A faux fur thorw, a scented jasmine candle, a glossy house plant all add up to a gorgeiuys bedroom and cost little in terms of outlay.


Keeping your room aired and clean and neat also have a cost free and fabulous impact.



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