Creating Your Baby’s New Bedroom

Creating Your Baby’s New Bedroom

Decorating a nursery or bedroom for a toddler is such an exciting time, and it’s easy to get carried away with it. But once you get carried away, you can end up spending far more money than necessary.

So, how do you create a nicely decorated new bedroom or nursery on a budget? Here are a few tips on decorating your baby’s new bedroom, with money in mind.


Don’t break the budget

OK, so this should go without saying. But it’s no use making a budget only to get tempted by email offers, endless adverts and shop window displays. Work out what your budget is and be strict with yourself. Keep a running total of what you’ve spent. Seeing your budget start to disappear every time you buy something, will help keep you aware of your spending.


Creating Your Baby’s New Bedroom


Futureproof for economy

By making some sensible decorating decisions now, you could save yourself money in the future. For example, if you go for a neutral-coloured carpet, it should work for future colour schemes. This means you pay your carpet fitting prices now and it’s done, no need to splash out again in a few years.

If you’re buying a new cot, think about getting one that will convert into a toddler bed. This will give you more use out of it. If you’re getting a bed for your toddler, think about getting one that will see them through their younger years. Some small beds will be outgrown quickly. You can get a bigger bed with safety rails, then remove the rails as they get older.


Accept hand-me-downs

If you have friends and family that have finished with items and want to pass them on, don’t turn them down. Some people turn down second-hand items because they feel embarrassed about it. Don’t be, what goes around comes around. You can pass on things too, as your child grows. It becomes a circular system of sharing.


Creating Your Baby’s New Bedroom

Upcycle what you have when Creating Your Baby’s New Bedroom

If you have furniture that you can reuse in your child’s room, then be creative to make it work.  Upcycling old furniture is both economical and environmentally friendly.  You can sand, paint, change handles, add motifs, whatever you like. You can make old furniture look like new, so don’t be afraid to give it a go.


Add accessories to personalise

Keeping the main décor quite neutral will save you money in the future as you update the room. But that doesn’t mean the bedroom or nursery should be bland. Use colourful or pretty accessories to make the room more homely and cheerful. Adding pictures to the walls and soft rugs to the floor will make a difference.


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