Simple Keep Safe Tips for Online Dating

Simple Keep Safe Tips for Online Dating

Oh things just are not what they used to be are they – in every sphere of our life?

We have had to be creative and adaptable in every area from food shopping, to educating our kids, working at home and  learning to entertain ourselves. Lockdown life has made us pivot. This is true especially when it comes to finding love.

The benefits of online connections

I don’t know about you but I am guessing, like me, you are probably very grateful for your online life during lockdown. Being easily able to connect with people you care about has been so very important, hasn’t it?

Warmth, companionship, someone to care about us and be interested in what we think and feel and our daily lives matters hugely.  And, whilst we have been so isolated, many people crave this more than ever.


The impact on dating

Online dating has grown massively in popularity over the last 10 years and lockdown has given it another massive boost. People are lonely and needing connections more than ever right now missing having work colleagues or being able to see or spend time with their friends or extended family. The new lockdown has meant  a lot of people are turning to dating apps to find love as a result.


But is it safe?

When you meet someone offline it is often through friends who give that person credibility, a reference of sorts that will helps you to feel safer. However if you meet someone by change in a bar or club they are completely unknown aren’t they and so you would probably begin dating them with greater caution.

Dating someone online need to be done with that same caution.

Using a credible website like Hampshire dating is a good start  and really taking your time to talk to and get to know someone is crucial prior to meeting them. Here are some other tips that may help you feel safe about online dating.


 Keep safe tips for online dating

Keep safe tips for online dating

  • Do take your time really getting a sense of someone and finding out lots about them prior to meeting
  • Do trust your gut and cut ties if it doesn’t feel right
  • Don’t give away identifying details such as your last name, where you work, home address, etc. to someone online who you haven’t met
  • Take your time – do not open your heart and home immediately to a stranger no matter how wonderful it all feels
  • Don’t break lockdown rules in order to meet up no matter how tempted you are
  • If/when you do meet up always meet in a public place and have a way to get home independently. Do let a friend know where you are, take a battery charger for your phone and do not drink too much. Stay in control.
  • Keep social distancing if that is the guidance.

keep safe tips for online dating

Do have a go at dating online if you feel lonely in lockdown but do follow these keep safe tips for online dating.

Good luck!


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