Ideas for an amazing kid’s bedroom makeover on a budget

Today – Ideas for an amazing kid’s bedroom makeover on a budget

Kid’s bedroom makeover on a budget

My kid’s bedrooms are really important to them. I use my bedroom to sleep and occasionally chill out and watch TV but that is really about all.

Oh how very different it is for my kids. Besides the kitchen, I believe their bedrooms are probably the hardest worked rooms in the house!


kid's bedroom makeover on a budget


The many functions of a kid’s bedroom

My kids study in their bedrooms, they read there, they hang out with friends in their bedrooms. Sometimes my kid’s do homework in their bedroom and sometimes they practice their instruments. Once in a while they will have sleepovers in their bedroom too. Very often they will retreat to their bedroom when they are chatting on the phone or just want space form the rest of the family. My kid’s bedrooms are multi-functional and extremely hard working spaces that mean an awful lot to them.

They love their rooms to look cool, be useful, meet their needs, reflect their tastes and grow with them.

These little rooms have a lot to live up to!


A tricky makeover

I find making over my kid’s bedrooms tricky.  Especially a kid’s bedroom makeover on a budget – it would be so easy to juts throw nmoney at it  They grow and change form month to month and their needs /wants/likes and dislike reflect this.  I recall my son being HUGELY into Thomas the Tank Engine. At much expense one Christmas, we kitted out his room with a train bed, a train table and a train frieze. He absolutely loved it but a year later was so ready to move on. We recouped a little money from selling on eBay but not much in comparison to what we had spent. Moving forward Character led decor was a no! (with the exception of inexpensive duvets or perhaps a poster.)


Top Makeover tips

So, I have touched upon the difficulties inherent in a kid’s bedroom makeover but actually there are lots of ways to update a bedroom beautifully that are affordable and rather fabulous. Here are my top 5 tips

Embrace colour  Paint colours are easy to fix if your child goes off them so this is a great area to give them free rein. You might even be able to encourage them into doing some of the painting!

Consider wallpaper When it comes to wallpaper do go and check-out the children’s wallpaper at Wallsauce. Their children’s wallpaper murals are made-to-measure to fit your wall and are available in a range of materials to suit your needs. They are completely stunning and such a fabulous design feature. Who wouldn’t want penguins covering one of their walls?


kid's bedroom makeover on a budget

Or astronauts or fish or…. even their own image is possible so a mural of their friends or favourite hobby? Now wouldn’t that be special!

Think vertical

Kids juts DO have a lot of stuff and keeping it up and off the floor is the biggest bedroom battle you will probably face. Bookshelves that go up and up with boxes for all sorts of storage bits, clearly labelled is a good way to go. At least this way you have a chance of them finding their stuff and putting it away (possibly!)

A workspace

Much as you might want to keep tabs on them studying at the kitchen table the fact is the majority of kids will squirrel away to their bedroom to study. It is well worth providing them with a chair and desk to be creative at or do homework at – even if space is at a minimum just a small area for them to sit at is really key and will be hugely appreciated. Check eBay and gumtree for second hand bargains.

Their own wall art

Much as we would like coordination style and taste in our kid’s bedrooms if they want a picture op of their favourite YouTube star – well it is their space. Rather than having your walls ruined with blu tack try large clear clip frames. These are inexpensive and they can have posters and prints switched in and out easily. They are definitely worth investing in.  With these your child can change their mind about what they are into as often as they like with no damage done to your walls.



Have you enjoyed this post on Ideas for an amazing kid’s bedroom makeover on a budget

I hope these kids bedroom makeover hacks have helped! Please do share your ideas too in the comments below.  You may also like my post on ways to save money in your bedroom  and how to create an amazing bedroom on a budget   How to transform a kids room into a teenagers room and beds that give kids room to grow



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