5 Things to Keep in Mind When Bringing a Cat into a Dog-Friendly Home

Dogs are the most common pets that most families choose to bring home. But cats make for excellent pets as well. Pet parents seem to be either dog lovers or cat lovers but keeping both as pets can be equally enriching. If you already have a dog at home, it is not impossible to bring home a cat as well. Before adding a cat to your pack, it is best to keep a few things in mind.


Bringing a Cat into a Dog-Friendly Home

Cats Can Be Scared of Dogs

Cats are by nature cautious of dogs. Since dogs are bigger than cats, your cat might first be terrified of your dog. Even if your dog is friendly towards your cat, they may be scared when they meet your dog. You cannot be sure of what kind of dog your cat might have met before. The size difference can frighten your cat. So, when introducing your dog to your cat, you need to make sure that the process is a slow and gradual one.

Cats need a lot of privacy as well. Get a cat tree so that your cat can get the privacy they need.


Dogs Can Overpower Cats

You need to get your dog socialised with other animals from a young age. Even if your dog is well socialised with other animals, it is important for you to keep an eye on your dog. Dogs tend to underestimate their strength. So, when you first introduce your cat to your dog, your dog may unintentionally end up hurting your cat.  Correct your dog’s behaviour if they are getting too rough. The corrective action will ensure that your dog does not get too boisterous with your cat.


Cats and Dogs Have Different Diets

Cats and dogs need different diets. Cats are carnivorous hence they need more protein in their diets. The nutrients the two animals need are different from each other. You may need to buy cat medicine online to supplement the need for nutrition in your cat’s diet. Ask your vet to give you a balanced meal plan for your cat if you are not sure of what to feed your cat.


Cats and Dogs Have Different Medical Needs

Since cats and dogs are biologically different, you need to buy cat medicine online that is different from dog medicine. While your vet might recommend a few common medicines for your dogs and cat. You can easily buy cat medicine online when your vet prescribes them. Never self-medicate your cat based on the medicines you give your dog.


Cats Need Litter Boxes

Cats need to have litter boxes to defecate. You do not need to take your cat for a walk to get them to do their business. You do need to frequently clean the litterbox. If the litter box gets dirty, then your cat might not use the box. Keep the litter box out of reach of your dogs or teach them not to dig into the litter. Your dog can get parasites from your cat if they dig your cat’s litter.

Slowly get your cat and dog used to each other and give your cat the special care they need.



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