Dog toothpaste, diets, supplements and children

I have been a vegetarian since I was 11 years old. Not for health reasons for animal loving reasons and I suppose to start with my mum just took the meat off my plate and I lived off fish. After a year of living of fish I gave up eating fish. So another year went by largely with potatoes and veg. Then (thank goodness) we found soya.

At no point did I have any health supplement to ensure I was getting the iron I needed and the B vitamins. I probably should have. I was still developing and my diet wasn’t well considered. It’s just in our family it wasn’t the ‘done thing.’

You buy dog toothpaste to keep a dogs teeth clean and healthy And when I had a cat I often gave her health supplements to keep her coat glossy and her joints moving well.  There are great products on the market for improving skin conditions in dogs You can even buy products now to reduce itching  for cats and she would have loved that. She spent a lot of her life scratching!

Dog toothpaste

With my children I am also happy to give health supplements if I think they are required and at various times they have had multivitamins and iron particularly if I think they aren’t eating well at the time or if they have been under the weather. They are vegetarian too and I try very hard to make sure they have a fully balanced diet. Cereal is a really help in this!

 I do sometimes wonder if I should find a source of Omega 3 for the children as they don’t eat fish either. With salmon oil dogs Some expert advice would not go amiss here I think.  I always took advice regarding my cat and yet haven’t sought out nutritional advice regarding the kids. I wonder why that is? I suppose I feel I should ‘just know’ regarding the children. The same way my hubby thinks he doesn’t’ to need to read parenting books I suppose. We feel it should be natural and instinctive. Yet being pointed in a better direction I always worthwhile.

The NHS offer some basic advice of raising vegetarian children here Just because my diet want supplemented doesn’t make that the best option. I need to be informed.



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