Profile of a budgeting mum: Helen Dickinson

Hi, what’s your name?

Helen Dickinson

Helen Dickinson

Any kids?

Yes – A little boy called Maxwell who is 18 months old.

Do you work? FT/PT?

No. I am a FT Parent to Maxwell and I also write my own blog. I blog over at

Why do you work? 

If you don’t work why don’t you?

I do not work at the present moment as I enjoy being a full time parent to Maxwell. I am lucky that my partner supports us and I have the option to stay at home to care for Maxwell.

What are your child care arrangements?

My partner goes out to work whilst I look after Maxwell.

How do you manage for money?

I find the best way to manage money is to sit down and budget at the beginning of the month. After we have paid our bills I sit down and see what money we have after things such as food bills. It works well.

Do  you worry about money?

 I occasionally worry about money. We had a large unexpected bill at the beginning of the year, with the winter being very cold our gas bill soared. The bill is taking a while to pay off but it is a manageable bill to pay.

What do you waste money on? We waste a lot of money on buying Maxwell things. Clothes and toys are the main things. We have a large amount of clothes that Maxwell will never wear as they are now to small. I plan to Ebay them to make some money back.

Have you made any big financial changes since having kids?

Since having Maxwell we have had to budget. Before having Maxwell we would go on days out, eat lots of takeaways and junk and have huge wardrobes however since having Maxwell we plan our food shopping and although we have takeaways still, we think more about when we will have them rather than just buying them.

How do you make extra cash? I make extra cash by using coupons in shops and by buying the best deals. I also sell stuff on ebay to get my money back on things which we have already bought.

Can you share 3 top budgeting tips for other parents?

1. When stores have baby events stock up on nappies, wipes and toiletries as normally you can bag a bargain. Ask baby companies to send you coupons which you could potentially use against your shop.

2. You do not have to buy your child all the latest designer gear, children only grow out of it. Buy stuff from ebay and local selling sites and always check freecycle to see if you can find a bargain/freebie.

3.Use all the store cards you can possibly find to get rewards back from things you buy. I have a boots card, ikea card, nectar card, superdrug card, tesco card and a few other reward vouchers. This year alone I have managed to gain £50 on my boots card.

 Helen Dickinson blogs over at and writes a parenting blog which features money saving Ideas and her 18 month old son Maxwell. She enjoys sharing her and Maxwell’s day to day life with their readers.

Thank you Helen!



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  1. Kb
    August 20, 2013 / 7:17 am

    Parents who work are also full time parents. We don’t stop being parents when we walk out of the door!

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