My first car

I got my first car age 21.

It will a silver fiat Panda. I thought it was gorgeous.

Looking back really the car was a bit of a joke.

My first car

My mum bought it for me and it cost £80. We bought it off her friend Lee. (Mistake no.1  It is very hard to complain about something you have bought off of a friend particularly a friend you work with who is also sort of your boss. I would always advise people to keep car buying a business transaction so personal stuff never comes into it.)

We went to his house and took it out on a test drive and it stalled loads of times and then stopped ..completely. He muttered something technical and me and mum looked glazed. Neither of us had the first clue about cars.  My advice looking back would be to have taken someone who know about cars with us.  We had no idea if this was a one off problem or something more serious and it could have been an expensive mistake.

The other daft thing (mistake number 3!) we did looking back was only look at one car. It was my fault. The heady decisions of youth! I so wanted a car I got really  overexcited and I honestly think i could have persuaded mum to buy me anything. Perhaps looking at a few would have been smart rather than just desperately desiring the first one I saw.  So have a few options and maybe a cooling off period before agreeing anything would be smart advice.

Buying your first car is SO EXCITING that good sense can fly out the window. It is a big purchase and safety is of course a huge issue. You need a wise guide and time and space to think too as well as plenty of options.

Did we buy the Panda that kept breaking down?

Oh yes.

If i were you I would check out the first car guide before buying a first car to avoid the kind of mistakes I made!





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