Skills to offer? Why not get some business cards printed online

Today  – Why not get some business cards printed online

When it comes to earning a little extra money as a stay at home parent there are many roads to explore.

But I firmly believe it is up to you to take the first step rather than sitting around waiting for chances to come to you. Why not get some business cards printed online

Connecting with other people is key, don’t keep your plans in your head, get them out there, and let other people help you where they can. 

My foray into running a baby signing franchise when I was a full time stay at home mum happened quite by chance. I happened to make a phone call enquiring about classes only to hear that the job was soon to be up for grabs. How lucky was I? I asked loads of questions and before e I knew it the business was mine. I do think you have to be a bit brave.


Why not get some business cards printed online

Leaflets can spread the word you are looking for work and advertise your skills. Or why not have a go at  a2 poster printing on You could perhaps say you were available for pet sitting, you took in ironing, you could mend sewing machine or bake amazing cakes and make up and distribute leaflets or even business cards detailing this.

Why not get some business cards printed online

It is all about spreading the word. Getting out there. Being heard. Folder printing is another option. Let the world know what you can offer..let them see it.

Some people create blogs to showcase their skills and sell their wares. Other people use facebook . Many people I know have used word of mouth to spread the news that they are looking for work.

I have found that often just in telling some body I want something I am able to get it. Not in some weird psychic kind of way but in a way that by letting people know what you need you are spreading the net of opportunity wider.

Linked in is another good social media outlet.

So whether you use leaflets and flyers, business cards or word of mouth you have to get it out there that you are wanting to find work.

Local family friendly websites like netmums are also good places to look for opportunities to suit parents.

 It’s all about being proactive.


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