How to be a minimalist – simple tips

Ever wondered how to be a minimalist? Or are you the type the  at loves Alice in Wonderland wallpaper, colourful velvet sofas and crammed bookshelves?

Imagine being free of wanting and needing more stuff all the time- wouldn’t that just be absolutely amazing.

But in this shop till you drop commercial society that we live in, it is not easy, is it?

Maybe it is easier than we think.


How to be a minimalist

How to be a minimalist


Simplify your money


Do try my anti-shopping list too – it is a game changer we really do not have to spend spend spend and accumulate endlessly. drawing out the cash you need to survive each week and trying to live on that can really help. Save for what you want, do not get into debt and budget carefully, No spend days also keep you on track. Stress and worry melt away when your finances are clear and in order


Minimalize everything

Embrace minimalism in every point of your life it can really make a huge difference. Learning to live without a lot of things in life, excess food, clothes, friendships etc can make you feel so much calmer.



When you are about to buy something say to yourself do i really NEED his – not want but need.

Once a week whizz through your house with a basket to collect up clutter and od a once weekly drop to a charity shop till its gone. Soon his can move to monthly and your home will be much clearer.


Invest in High Quality

Always invest in high-quality items as much as you can – these  last longer and will be better loved,



Feeling Free

Embrace minimalism to fee both light and free.

How to be a minimalist

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