How to become a Minimalist Person

 How to become a minimalist person and live well with less in your life, less stuff, less noise, less clutter. A more peaceful way of being for a happier life.


How to become a minimalist person 

What is a Minimalist Person

Heard all about how following a minimalist lifestyle can be great for you, want to be a minimalist person?? Can’t wait to get started with it? Guess what? It’s actually pretty easy! Follow these 6 simple steps that help you do just that and more.


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How to become a minimalist person

How to become a minimalist person

Keep it Simple to become a minimalist person

Speaking of simplicity, attempt to bring it into your home in all aspects- right from your doormat to the items on your kitchen counter. Make space only for the essentials. Focus more on the utility and use as opposed to the aesthetic appeal. So those extra succulents on your windowsill and those showpieces on your wall unit may need some re-thinking! Become a minimalist person by keeping it super simple.


Stick to the Essentials

Whether you’re purchasing something new for your home, or are just starting out right where you are, minimalism is all about sticking to the essentials and having all that you really need handy. Everything else goes into a storage space, or ideally, given away if you haven’t used them in months, or even years.

Hoarding is a habit that doesn’t go well with minimalism, and if you’re guilty, take it slowly- you’ll get there! It won’t take you long to become a minimalist person


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A minimalist person always declutters

One of the simplest, most practical ways to be more minimalist is to declutter your home. Start by declaring a room or a corner of your home (maybe your home office) as a clutter-free zone. Discard everything that you don’t need, and keep the space clean and disturbance-free.

Doing this will set the tone and will help you exercise minimalism in all the corners of your home.

If there’s some stuff that you don’t need, or haven’t used in a long time, let go of it! The feeling can be surprisingly liberating!


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Clear Flat Surfaces

Starting with a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t need you to make big changes to your home. You can start small and take teeny steps to make it possible! Start by clearing out every flat surface in your home, leaving space for only a select few essentials, if at all. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference this little trick can make when it comes to making your home look minimalist and even clean.


Clear the Walls

And of course, it makes sense to focus on the other flat surfaces of your home too if you want to be a minimalist person! Keep your walls simple, and if you’re a big fan of wall decor, try to keep it as minimal as possible. Avoid overcrowding and stick to just a few pieces. Everything from your wall hangings, clocks, lamps and other decoratives should be simple.

If you’re planning to re-paint the walls of your home, stick to simple, solid and pastel colours. Avoid too many textures and loud, flashy colours if you want to be a minimalist person


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How to become a minimalist person – Spend Consciously

Consumerism has left us spoilt for choice, and more often than not, we end up buying things we don’t actually need. When you make it a conscious effort to spend your money carefully, and not buy things that you don’t need, you’re again, implementing minimalism in your life, and also doing the environment (and your pocket) a favour!


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