Today – What You Have To Know When Designing a Baby Room

Designing a Baby Room

What You Have To Know When Designing a Baby Room

Your bundle of joy is almost gracing the scene with their wholesome radiance and cuteness, but there is just one thing you haven’t done yet- designing their baby room! Obviously, you want them to feel instantly welcome, and so you get to work in creating their little kingdom. And the following are a few things to know before commencing on the project.

Babies will all their cuteness also need some space to call their own. Just like you have your room, they, too, deserve theirs. The exercise is one very involving one, but let’s be real, it can also be daunting. Picking up a portable toddler bed, choosing the color of the walls, and so much more can become overwhelming fast. Don’t worry. We got you. How to design a baby room has been simplified in this piece. So if you want a cheat sheet, don’t get left behind, and let’s get this show to the road.

Designing a Baby Room – The Theme

For starters, before commencing on baby room ideas, you have to have a theme or style in mind. The theme goes into what you would like the room to exude. Do you want a tropical forest, a botanical garden, a cute princess theme for baby girl room ideas? Or would you instead go for a more subtle minimalistic baby boy room ideas? Truth be told, your baby will not be able to determine what is what in their first years, and so the whole decision making is left to the parents. Nevertheless, to get inspired, check out Pinterest and other social media profiles that do internal decor for baby rooms.

The Color Palette

If you thought colors are just red, blue, and yellow, you are in for a shocker! In the world of pigmentation, the palettes are in the hundreds, if not millions. And if you start going through each shade and hue, you might never get to the end. So much so, work with color palettes. That means you get a combination of colors and prints that go well together for a baby room. Remember, colors invoke a feeling to the person in that room, so much so, go for hues that make you, the mum or dad, feel calm and relaxed. Even a bit playful. Additionally, keep in mind that baby room lighting can work in the mood-setting.


The Accessories To Use For Decor when designing a Baby Room

Accessorizing is always a fantastic part of any project, especially for baby room decor. A mistake a lot of people make is getting the design done without even considering the abettors they would like to use. Such are like the fabrics, fairy lights, the artwork as well as the rugs for baby girl room. Keeping them in mind will have you selecting the best matching theme and color palette, as well as the flooring that goes with the relics. If the textiles are too busy and colorful, the decor might be toned down. But if the relics are subtle, the decor could be eccentric. When it comes to the baby room, the toys are also an accessory.

The Focal Point Of The Room

When you walk into a room, let’s say the living room, what is the first place that your eyes land? Is it the tv, the couch or a painting! Well, if you did not know, that is the focal point of that room. And believe it or not, each room has one of those.


Where would you like the focal point of your little angel’s room to be? Traditionally, the crib seemed to be the focal point of most baby rooms, but that should not limit you. You could shake things up and make it their play station, the rocking chair, or perhaps their portrait. Regardless, design with that in mind.


Designing a Baby Room

Designing a Baby Room – The Surfaces To Be Decorated

The next thing to look at is the surfaces you would like to work on. This will, however, go hand in hand with the theme you have selected for the baby room decor. For instance, if you had settled on a cosmic space or a cartoon theme, you should work with one cartoon character or a spaceship. This figure might be drawn on one wall, while the others get subtle designs such as stars and the planets. Alternatively, the other walls could remail plain but play around with the lighting. Remember to decorate the ceiling too since that will be the baby’s view for a while.

The Furniture To Install

Next, we take a look at the baby room furniture you would like to use. Here, you have two ways to do things. You either go with the movable toddler bed or a wall-mounted one. You could also do the same for the drawers and other pieces of furniture. But remember this, if you go with the immobile pieces, you are stuck with the same design for eternity. With the portable ones, you can move things around whenever you wish.

Stations To Include

To eradicate the hustle of running around the house in search of where you put the wipes, include stations where you will easily reach. One station to add is the sanitation station, where you place the diapers, powders, wipes, soaps, basins, creams, and anything related. The nursing station will have the formula, baby bottle and mum’s nipple pads, and cream. Then there is the playing station with toys and lastly, if you would like the learning station.

The Gender consideration when designing a Baby Room

Lastly, the gender of the baby should also be considered. Well, this might be only useful for the parents who already know of their child’s sex, but let’s face it, every mother always has a gut feeling of the gender! And you know what they say about mother’s intuition! Inevitably, a baby girl room decor will differ significantly from a baby boy room decor.

As awe-inspiring as it may be to have an all-pink room, remember that in a few years, baby number two might come knocking. And who knows, the second time around might be a boy. So to avoid having to do a total revamp of the baby room, go for a gender-neutral baby room decor to save you costs later on.

Take Away

From all the pointers mentioned above, designing a baby room is that simple! Once you have the essential factors in thought, everything falls into place. Now the ball is in your court, make it happen. Share the love, build that kingdom; let’s take these ideas somewhere awesome.

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Author Bio

Kay is a young dad-to-be who is looking into creating a safe space for his child, who is due in a few months. With the pressure building up, he has to come up with a plan in the making of his new baby room, and fast. Thus he came up with the list above in the making of the baby room.


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