Easy ideas for Halloween

A lovely guest post form Red Ted Art

I simply adore sitting down with kids around holidays and making kids crafts with them! It’s perfect for bonding and also helps kids get into holiday spirit easily. Halloween is no exception! Over years we made together many crafts and some of our favorite are cheap toilet paper roll Halloween crafts! One of our favorite crafting medium! Some great Preschool Halloween Crafts among them. Which one is your favourite?


Easy ideas for Halloween


Easy ideas for Halloween

Have a frightfully fun time making and wearing Frankenstein mask! Use Frankenstein mask printable to make matching masks for all family members! Wouldn’t it be cool?!

I adore crafts that have multiple functions AND look cute at the same time! Like this lovely and easy toilet paper roll bat! Make few of them, turn them into decoration or use them as treat bags for your little visitors over Halloween!

Flappy wings and cute face make this bat paper puppet not scary at all! Of course, you can make some scary bat crafts as well! It’s up to you to choose your bats to be cute or scary! Which one you prefer?

Do your kids like to make their own toys? Somehow, when they make toys and games by themselves, they enjoy them more! Like this fun Halloween game created from tin cans! Give it a try, it’s really fun to make and play afterwards!

Some crafts look complicated to make because they look so good when finished! Good example is this awesome but essentially easy Halloween lantern. Looks like it needs lots of work but it can be done even by toddlers

Pom poms are so fuzzy, soft and warm! Don’t you just love them?! We made cute little pom pom spider and used it over and over again while singing some of kids’ favorite nursery rhymes like Little Miss Muffet and Itsy Bitsy Spider!

Would you like to teach your kids origami? Great beginner’s project are these paper origami bats! You can make loads of them for decoration around Halloween! You can use them to either decorate your home or to make Halloween party invitations!

We love sweet things anyday, not just around Halloween so we have been looking for an easy and good-looking cupcake recipe to add to our Halloween table. And we found these cute owl cupcakes! So easy and looks tasty!

Create 3D art using pumpkins and melted crayons! Looks amazing if you choose to make it in certain color to match your other Halloween decorations or in rainbow colors like in an example! These easy crayon pumpkins are beautiful either way!

No time to make Halloween costumes for kids? Do you have few empty boxes you can use to make these super easy last minute Halloween costumes?

As you can see, we selected for you very simple and easy crafts to make. These are perfect if you’re short on time or if you have small kids around. For even more ideas, you can take a look at our collection of Halloween crafts for preschool. All of them are easy to make by either toddlers, preschoolers or older kids. Enjoy your Halloween crafting time!





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