Restrictions When Sending Parcels to Poland from the UK

Sending Parcels to Poland from the UK

With about 646000 polish citizens living in the UK, and about 4500 British Expats working in Poland, it’s hard to wish away the strong ties that both maintain with kin’s and friends. In fact, the British and the Polish are similar when it comes to retaining strong relations with families and friends. It there makes communication and exchange of gifts a common phenomenon hence the reason behind the sprouting currier services between the two nations. With increasing settlements across the two countries, the business can only get better.

Amid the growing opportunities associated with delivering goods to Poland, several issues are likely to inhibit the movement. While you probably want to send everything to your friends back at home, gives you a check on what you may not send to Poland. Nevertheless, you can still send some but have to deal with numerous restrictions that come with each category. The goods include:

Sending Parcels to Poland from the UK

Fashion items

Among the most common gifts you want to send are shoes and sunglasses. Before you can wrap the shoes on your packing box, you need to detail the information about the product. You must give the details about the soles, the category of the shoes, the intended users, the uppers and any other manufacturer information available. Before you can buy sunglasses be sure it comes with the European CE label as they will be restricted from entering Polish borders when they lack.

Medical items

In a bid to control what enters Poland, the state restricts specific categories of Medicines and medical equipment from importation. The state retains the duty of importing human drugs and medical equipment for safety purposes. Nevertheless, you can still send small amounts of drugs for personal use, but must be accompanied by a prescription from a reputable hospital.

Electronics and toys

When it comes to electronics and toys, the same restriction applies. They all need to bear the European CE mark to be accorded entry permit at the ports. Without the stamp, the goods are destroyed, and the sender charged fines that can exceed the value of the items. Be sure to check the stamp signs before sending the parcels, and if you won’t, will notify you before shipping the parcels.


While most countries do not allow food importations, you can send food items on particular occasions. For instance, manufactured food items are not prohibited as long as they contain the original manufacturers packaging. Be sure that the packaging lists all the ingredients and that the shelf life exceeds six months. Otherwise, you cannot send. Do not buy items that require simulated environmental condition as they are not likely to reach the destination in the right situation.

While the above-listed products are restricted, senders ought to adhere to the strict guidelines to qualify the cut. However, some products are prohibited with no window of the sender to deliver hence no parcel company will take them. Such items include Meat, Live animals, dairy products, Perishable items, Alcohol and flammable items. It helps to check the list of restricted and prohibited items before engaging to send your food commodities.



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