How to choose a theme for your bedroom


How to choose a theme for your bedroom

How to choose a theme for your bedroom – top tips

Choosing a theme for your bedroom can be tricky. After all, the stakes are high. You’ll be spending plenty of time staring at these four walls, so before you pick up your paintbrush and get to work, you’ll need to be confident that you’re on the right track. To help you hone in on the best bedroom design ideas, take a look at the following top tips.

Settle on a colour scheme


The first thing to do is select a colour scheme. Once you’ve got a clear idea of the hues you want to use in this space, the other aspects of your redesign should begin to fall into place. Don’t automatically go for your favourite colours though, or tones that you think work well in other rooms. Variables like the size of your bedroom and the light conditions within it will have a big impact on what works well in there. If you’re not sure, try a few test patches of paint on your walls. There’s no substitute for actually seeing colours in situ when you’re making these design decisions.


Pick out your favourite patterns

As well as colours, you can take inspiration from patterns. Perhaps you have a fondness for all things floral, or maybe you’ve got a penchant for polka dots. Picking out a pattern and incorporating it in various elements of your bedroom can help to tie the space together and give it a flowing, cohesive look. For example, you could echo the pattern on a feature wall in your curtains and cushions. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is to find matching sets of bedroom accessories, rather than looking for them one by one from different suppliers. For example, on the websites of soft furnishing specialists like, you can peruse bedding, cushions, curtains and throws in complementary designs. This makes choosing and sticking to a theme much simpler.


If you’re stuck for inspiration, search online

Don’t panic if you can’t seem to settle on particular colours or patterns though. Rather than trying to conjure ideas up yourself, why not search the web for some inspiration instead? There’s no shortage of home design blogs, magazines and images to peruse. Photo sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram can be great places to get ideas too. Seeing how other people have planned their bedrooms should get your creative juices flowing. You might not want to copy your favourite examples down to the last detail, but you can select the best elements and incorporate them into your sleeping space.
Whatever approach you take, the important thing is to try to have some fun with your bedroom redesign. This room is the one place in your property where you can really express yourself and let your imagination loose.

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