Transform your home on a budget using cushions

Transform your home on a budget using cushions

Little things can make such a big difference in life, can’t they? It is amazing how they can transform it. Perhaps it is through someone sending you a thank you note, giving you a big bright smile on a dreary day, seeing a rose on a desolate path and a rainbow in a grey sky.

Similarly, small things can transform a home from a place you live at to a place you live in.

Candles add mood, light, fragrance and can change a room instantly. A great scent can evoke emotion and keep a home fresh and inviting. Lovely bed linen can make your bed the most welcoming of places to be. A deep clean and declutter can make a home look new again and give it a serene and tranquil feel.

Small changes can create transformation and a welcome and refreshing improvement.

One really lovely way to transform a space that will not break your budget is with cushions. You can transform your home on a budget using cushions I  just adore them, don’t you? They are the ultimate budget accessory for styling up your home.

It may be that you are wanting to update your outdoor space- in which case cushions like these are just fabulous – adding comfort and colour and a little bit of luxury really jazzing up your outside space.


Luxe and texture

Inside, a little bit of luxe can instantly upgrade a space and beautiful velvet cushion covers really do cast a spell; making the most ordinary sofa or bed suddenly luxurious and sumptuous.

Texture can add so much to a room too, can’t it? Completely transforming the very feel of it.




I do think colour is just as important as texture or pattern on a cushion cover though and colours add a unique imprint of their own,

Lime can add zest and life to your space. As a colour on it’s own it can be overwhelming but in a cushion it can be just perfect.


Images from Simply Cushions NZ

Yellow can add sunshine and joy and a feeling of happiness. It is undoubtedly one of my favourite colours.

Monochrome adds a modern and stylish injection of life into a room and a monochrome cushion cover instantly adds that contemporary feel with its starkness and clean lines.



In terms of patterns, I think cushions can add a great level of interest in a plain space, or alternately a plain design can add a level of calm to a highly patterned area. There are lots of ideas out there on the best way to decorate with them, but you can decide totally what works for you and your space.

In terms of being a transforming budget accessory I really don’t think you can beat a good cushion!

I hope this post on how to transform your home on a budget using cushions has been helpful to you!






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