Time-saving tips for mums

Time-saving tips for mums

It’s hard to think of mothers without matching them up to superheroes. From juggling deadlines or racing to tick off long to-do lists – a mother’s job is never done. While you may feel the accomplishment of getting to tick off those long lists at the end of the day, exhaustion has you passed out before you could even celebrate the big and small wins. Even the world’s greatest heroes deserve time out.


Time-saving tips for mums


Time-saving tips for mums

Here are the top 10 time-saving tips to help you take care of your precious bundles and also leave some time for you to nurture yourself so you come back stronger! We don’t promise that it will suddenly fix everything overnight, but it’s definitely a start, so here goes…


  • Prepare for tomorrow today

If we could summarise the remaining 9 tips, it would come down to planning and staying as organised as possible. Take time out in the evening to plan for tomorrow’s activities, this will also give you a full view of what you have on your plate and what you can do today to make life easier for you tomorrow. Preparing in advance can include pre-packing lunch or setting out school and office clothes the night before to save time in the morning if you’re back in the office and children are back at school. 


  • Make sure meals for the week are covered

Trying to stay as organised as possible can be a huge life (read time) saver when you’re a mother, especially if you are juggling work as well. Making dinner preparations can be quite time consuming, especially if you’ll have to get creative on the day. Meal preps simplify your life and base cooking around your schedule. Find a routine that works for you and your family so you can meal prep like a pro


Time-saving tips for mums


  •  Figure out what wastes your time 

This probably seems like a no brainer and maybe the best place to start, but doing a little “time stocktaking” goes a long way and helps you pinpoint where most of your time goes during the day. We often underestimate how simple things like looking for lost keys when you’re already running late can drive you crazy or how the internet can be another time-consuming devil. But reflecting on the day will give you an idea of time-consuming weaknesses and understanding this will help you put in the right measurements to help you gain control over these.  


  • Pick the top three things that HAVE to accomplished for the day:

It’s easy to fall into the everything-is-urgent trap, especially if you’re a working mom. While mothers can make magic, long to-do lists can be overwhelming. After you’ve planned for the week, take each day as it comes, and set out the top three tasks that HAVE to be completed each day. This way you know how to structure the day and set your priorities straight without overwhelming yourself. 



  • Start your day a little earlier 

It’s easier to get somethings done faster while the house is still in slumber. It’s not easy to have an early start if you’ve been nursing a newborn for a bulk of the night, but for moms who manage to get in a healthy amount of nighttime rest, getting ahead of the day has multiple benefits and ultimately helps with the anxiety that comes with the morning rush. 


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Yes, even superheroes need help! Although it’s hard for mothers to delegate, especially when it comes to little babies; don’t be afraid to ask for help with other things like house chores. If you need time out, reach out to available family members or hire the right help to take care of the minor, but also time-consuming tasks so you can have enough time to tackle the main tasks on your priority list.


  • Shop smart

Doing your weekly meal prep will also help you mark what your need for the week. Instead of spending hours standing in long queues or strolling along store aisles to get your necessities, try to get most of your groceries online and delivered to your home. It’s also safer considering that we are still in the heat of a pandemic.



  • Declutter your home/space (so you can spend less time cleaning)

Decluttering helps you take back control and own your space. Instead of having to spend hours cleaning or trying to find what you need, declutter your space so you can see what you need when you need it. You can also use old toys, clothes, and other helpful miscellaneous things as part of a donation box for those in need.  You will become happier instantly


  • Master the 10-minute time-saving rule 

Even the busiest of days often has some downtime: while you’re waiting for dinner to cook, or the children are asleep or you’re waiting for someone. Use this time to effectively take care of simple tasks that are also on your to-do list, like ordering groceries or making that phone call you’ve been putting off.  Mastering the 10-minute rule will empower you to take care of even the odd job that’s constantly moved to the bottom of the to-do list. 


  • Work smart not hard 

If you’re a working mom, the days can feel like a nightmare, especially if you’re still a member of the remote-working squad or running a business from home. Remember, it’s not always the hard workers that get things, it’s also the smart workers. Leverage the power of digital in your work life and get a virtual assistant to take care of those daily time-consuming administrative tasks so you can focus on conquering the other things on your list. 


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