5 Secure Driving Tips for Parents with Young Drivers

It’s a great time when your child isn’t a kid anymore and finally learns to drive. You don’t have to give them a ride anywhere around the town anymore.

But are you aware of the risks that come with insurance on your car?

Your kid driving around in your car might not feel like a big issue financially but there are some things to keep in mind.

When young drivers start taking their parent’s vehicle, it directly has an impact on insurance costs, given that the insurance company doesn’t have any long term record showing for the learner driver.

This record actually helps the insurance provider to put together a rate that they can quote you. It is always a smart thing to make education on traffic rules and violations a priority with young drivers. Driving safe after all should be the first priority.

It just takes a couple of pointers in your head to create a safety net for the young drivers in your family that also covers the guidelines for car insurance when it’s in the kid’s hand.

Awareness about State Laws

Laws are not usually the same in every state of a country. It is important for you to be aware of them and make sure your child knows about them as well. Young drivers in Ireland are generally more prone to be making mistakes due to their lack of experience and at times distracted minds. That’s why adults should be aware of when the child is driving and who is with them in the car.

Compulsory Drivers Education

Most parents are well capable of teaching their children to drive and that does work in most cases. Kids learn well from their parents and even go on to pass the driver exam, road test, etc. But there are some benefits to taking the driver education class in school. It is extremely convenient to join driver education classes as most schools offer them at a very low cost. Moreover, there are many options and offers like insurance discounts that can be accessible at the NDLS office.


5 Secure Driving Tips for Parents with Young Drivers

Prioritize Safe Driving

History has taught us that even the smallest of distractions can result in disastrous accidents. Small things like texting, talking on a call, or to the other passengers are risky, especially for young drivers. It should be a necessity to impose strictness and have a serious conversation about this. Moreover, take extra steps to teach your kids the necessary precautions to take when they are behind the wheel before anything happens for the worse.

Add the young driver to your policy

There is a common misconception among parents that their children will automatically be added or adjusted to their insurance policy, once they start driving. But this can turn out to be your biggest mistake. Even when your children are allowed to drive with their learners permit, you need to be in touch with your insurance company before letting your kid behind the wheel.

This actually falls like a great time to look into options and find out if your insurance covers your family or not. There are many websites where you can successfully compare auto insurance quite easily.

Have a Defensive Take while Teaching Young Drivers

Overconfidence can easily become your kid’s falling point when driving, in fact, it can be anyone’s downfall. At times many think that they are great drivers and let small mistakes glide past them. This attitude can lead to an increase in accidents. It is important to teach your children to have a defensive take when they are on the road. Just because you are a good driver, doesn’t mean everyone else also is.

In fact, considering everyone else as a bad driver will help the young driver be more cautious. Knowing that not everyone on the road has the same reflexes as their own can build a natural safety net that will go on to help them in the long run.


It’s quite an exciting time when youngsters start driving and can finally go around for a spin in the car without their parents. As great as that moment feels, it is fraught with risks and requires serious consideration by the parents to avoid accidents. You, as a parent, should understand and educate the young drivers in your family about safe driving, how to stay alert and follow the local as well as state laws. Moreover, it’s always smart to contact your insurance agent even before you give your child control over the car.



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