5 Out-of-the-box Birthday Presents For Your Husband

When you are happily married and have been with your husband for many years, you are most likely to fall in a rut; don’t fret, not a serious rut, the gift-giving rut. You end up giving him the same old stuff over the years, and we are sure you are bored out of your mind too. 


Birthday Presents For Your Husband


5 Out-of-the-box Birthday Presents For Your Husband

We have curated the best out of the box gift options for you to buy for your husband’s upcoming birthday and leave him surprised and thankful for not getting the same solid coloured shirt again and again.


  1. Traveller Grooming Kit:

If your husband is someone who is always on the go, this can be an ideal birthday gift for him. Whether he is travelling for business meetings or goes on a lot of trips, a traveller grooming kit will be easily packed into his bag without him compromising and not being able to take care of himself when out, 

There are many brands available in the market that create small-sized grooming products for your man.


  1. Jogger Pants:

Working from home has almost changed everyone’s lifestyle and fashion choices. If he works from home every day, you can get a nice pair of comfortable jogger pants for him. They are cosy and warm, and he can be at ease throughout the day. Trust us; he will be thankful.


Birthday Presents For Your Husband

  1. Wireless Charging Station:

For the man who loses a USB cable every month. That’s right. It either gets destroyed or is left behind at a friend’s house. If you are getting these excuses from him, buy a wireless charging station for him so that you don’t spend unnecessary money on USBs any more. He will love the hassle-free charging. Many charging stations do come with UV sanitising so that you can also sanitise your phone while using it.


  1. The classic old wristwatch:

If your husband has a smartwatch wrapped around his wrist which rarely goes with any of his outfits, you must quickly get a nice and stylish leather strap watch for him. He will surely fall in love with it and will wear it for all the evenings out and formal meetings.


  1. Fuzzy blanket:

The cold weather calls for a number of fuzzy blankets. Get a nice coloured fuzzy single blanket for your husband that he can easily use while lying down on the couch. These blankets are incredibly soft and comfortable, and he will surely thank you for making his “Netflix-time” more comfortable.


  1. Cycle:

In our busy schedule, we often miss out on taking care of our health and fitness. If your husband is someone who is always glued to the computer screen, it is time to motivate him for fitness on his birthday. Get a nice, geared cycle for him to cycle around the block and don’t forget to put together the proper gears for him. Cycling will not only clear his mind and give him a sense of peace, but it will also make him fit gradually.


We hope our gifting guide provided you with some information about the kind of gifts you would like to buy for your husband or inspired you to look for new options in life. While you pick your gift make sure you don’t forget the small things like a cute, heartfelt birthday note and maybe a fresh flower just for the backyard. Make his birthday a memorable one. All the best!

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