Save time & money with a slow cooker

Save time & money with a slow cooker

It can be difficult coming up with fresh and healthy meals when you’ve got an army of kids to feed and a budget that can’t be stretched any further. Sometimes the lure of a ready meal is too strong to resist; they are cheap and easy to make but don’t offer much in terms of nutrition. 

For some people, cooking is a passion and something they look forward to at the end of a day at work. For many parents, finding the time to lovingly prepare a fresh meal is a luxury few can afford.

Save time & money with a slow cooker

Save time

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to come home from work or after picking up the children from school to be greeted by a tasty home-cooked and freshly prepared meal? I’m not suggesting you hire a personal chef, that wouldn’t exactly be budget-friendly, but rather for you to use a slow cooker. 

Slow cookers were first introduced in the 1970s where families enjoyed these one-pot wonders but they soon got left behind when microwaves became the next big thing. The tide is turning though, as more families realise the benefits of this cooking method.

All you have to do is throw your fresh ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning; just two minutes between waking and dressing the kids and heading out the door is all it takes. When you return home you’ll have a one-pot meal that just melts in your mouth. Slow cooker meals are simple, cheap, nutritious and absolutely delicious. 


Save money 

Slow cookers may take all the hassle out of cooking but they also help you save the pennies. When cooking at low temperatures for long periods of time, pukles and vegetables are absolutely delicious and full of flavour and it is so cheap to cook without meat. By using your slow cooker you can make some of the tastiest meals on a tighter budget.

If you’re torn between wanting to keep costs to a minimum and save time but still want to offer your family more than something from the freezer, take a look at some of these child and budget-friendly slow cooker recipes for inspiration.

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