Guinea Pig Swap!

Guinea Pig Swap

‘So if you have mine for 2 weeks I’ll have yours for two weeks’ I heard one mum say to another in the school playground (blimey that’s a lot of childcare I thought)

‘Shall I bring the cage?’ said the other mum

(now my mind was working overtime!)

‘Do you know this is going to save me £70!’ said the first mum.

My interest was now at its peak and  I had to ask ‘are you sorting out your own childcare for the holidays?’ ‘No’ they told me, ‘we are sorting out guinea pig sitting. ‘

Photo credit Mad_M4tty

What a fab idea!

Someone  had put them in touch knowing they were both away at various points during the summer and suggested they looked after each others guinea pigs. They know exactly how to look after them already and they could be bought to each others houses. It would have cost £70 to board them out for two weeks so this was great saving as well as knowing they were in safe hands.

People often don’t know what to do with their small pets over the holidays . £70 is a lot to part with and you don’t always want to be a pest an ask a neighbour or have someone coming in and out of your house.

A swap can be  a very good idea

Some thoughts….

I would personally recommend meeting and greeting any pets before agreeing anything. You want to know how well yours will be taken care of and the condition of the ones you will be looking after. You will also want to know how friendly they are around kids and what to do in an emergency.

I would also only do this with someone I knew or someone who had come very highly recommended by someone who knew us both


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