The savvy shopper challenge


The savvy shopper challenge


The savvy shopper challenge

I have been participating in a savvy shopping challenge with E.ON who have recently conducted some interesting research into the UK’s shopping habits. Did you know people spend more than an hour a week shopping around for better deals, saving on average £660 a year?

Gosh that’s a lot of time isn’t it!

E.ON set me challenge to see if I could save time and money by following some savvy savings tips.

For one week I had to log what I normally spend on food, necessities and the odd treat.

For the second week I was given £100 and challenged to see if, by using some savvy shopping tips, I could save some money (and time.)

Here is how I got on:



The savvy shopper challenge

Week 1

£112 on food combination of Morrisons, Coop and M&S



£20 on branded toiletries from Boots

1 takeaway £25

New school stationery £10

Cakes for Great Grandma and me! £3

Coffee and cake at swimming £3.50

Friends birthday gift £25


Yikes that was not a cheap week. Total spent –   £188.50


Week 2

I meal planed and I did all my shopping on one go online so I was not tempted by displays and BOGOF offers £75

I made most of what I had already and picked sweet peas for Grandma from our garden rather than bought cakes £0



I bought non branded cleaning products from a bargain store £5

Friend’s birthday gift – handmade card from the kids and some home made cookies plus a baking book £5

No coffee and cake at swimming  £0

Bassoon strap – I shopped around and picked one up for £13 instead of £25


A much better week  in all  with £98  spent.



Savings in The savvy shopper challenge

Oh my goodness I saved £90!

I did this by being thoughtful, shopping around, opting for handmade, abstaining and meal planning and buying non branded. I am impressed with myself!

I could probably do even better with food if I cooked from scratch but we have been having the house decorated so needs must!

Wow that is a big saving.

It is amazing how enlightening it is to write things down and to just incorporate the simplest of savvy shopping tips into your week. What a massive saving.


Even more savvy shopping tips…

Finance expert Jasmine Birtles has some brilliant savvy shopping tips which I totally plan on incorporating into how I shop. Her tips include:

Haggle! Research from E.ON’ has revealed that almost a third (32%) of people believe it’s harder to get a good deal when shopping now than it was five years ago. But there are still clever ways to get a good deal, Jasmine talks about logging off just before you buy. E-tailers will often then send you a discount code or give you the opportunity to explain why you didn’t buy…a prime opportunity to haggle. Jasmine also suggests bulk buying, buying out of season and being clever with coupons.  All fabulous tips!

E.ON have got seem pretty savvy savings tips going on too. They recently launched their Cap and Track 1 Year tariff which is a new dual fuel, fixed monthly Direct Debit tariff, which tracks the average price of all energy tariffs on the market and is priced below the market average. The tariff offers customers the simple reassurance that their energy prices will be tracked against the market average and that their bills won’t rise above those the cap they signed up to for the duration of their contract, but could fall further.

How fabulous is that? That’s the kind of savvy savings I like!

So over to you…do you have any savvy savings tips?


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