No Spend Weekend Challenge

No Spend weekend challenge, no spend weekend


Today – No Spend Weekend Challenge

Oh the no spend weekend challenge felt like a chllenge indeed!

What do you normally get up to on a weekend?

We like to relax, have fun and eat well and that usually entails quite a bit of spending. We tend to justify this by saying how hard we have worked all week and how we deserve a treat.

The treats add up though and weekend relaxing can prove pricey.

We were challenged by Scottish Friendly to embrace the art of saving and see how we got on with a no spend weekend challenge

Our usual weekend Spend

At the weekend we like to go to the cinema. With tickets for 4 of us plus popcorn, drink and petrol we are talking at least £45 for this. Sometimes on a Saturday, we will have pizza take out for tea too which can cost up to £25.

Sundays are often lazy days and may include my OH taking my son to play football with his club and me taking my daughter and a friend swimming which can cost about £10. I always have a coffee and a treat of some kind whilst I wait for them.



So nothing too extravagant on the surface that equates to £80 spent on just chilling.  This adds up to around £320 a month if we were to repeat this each week.  Yikes.

That would total £3840 a year.


That is such a  lot of money to spend and such a useful amount to save.


No spend weekend challenge – how we got on

I thought ahead in regard to our no spend weekend and asked the children for some ideas too. I scoured Facebook for free events and I checked our store cupboard supplies. None of this took much time or effort at all.

So what changes did we make?

Instead of a movie we simply watched a DVD we loved and had some home-made popcorn from our store cupboards.

Instead of an of a takeaway for Saturday night tea I just made our own pizzas and my daughter made some chocolate jazzes as a special treat.


no spend weekend challenge


These were fun to make and eat.


Free fun on a no spend weekend

Instead of swimming with a friend I managed to find a free 4-week Karate class for my daughter and her pal.  And I took my trusty flask with me instead of raiding the cafe.

We also managed to find a fantastic Green Festival on in Nottingham that was free to enter and full of fabulous activities for the kids to get involved in which cost nothing. They tried their hand at spin art, making leaves and creating storytelling cubes.

no spend weekend challenge


no spend weekend fun, no spend weekend, no spend weekend challenge



I am amazed at how much fun we had on our no spend weekend. This is definitely a challenge I am going to set myself regularly.

There is so much to do that is free and honestly I think we really did  have a better time than normal

More ideas for a no spend weekend challenge

Board Games


Art Galleries

Local parks

Nature Walks



Seeing friends

Free concerts

Bike riding

Playing tennis in the park

Taking a friend’s dog for walk

Ther are indeed alternatives to Deliveroo – why not cook a fake-away!

and really this list could go on and on.


I am delighted to be £80 better off after this weekend and we still had a fantastic time!

If you pop over to Scottish Friendly blog you will find loads more tips on making great savings as a family.

It is a lot less effort and a lot more fun than you think taking on a no spend weekend challenge

Why don’t you give it a try?


I hope you have enjoyed our post on a no spend weekend challenge – we do like a challenge – you come and read about our sugar free challenge here








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